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When you’re going to a real theme park, you need to pack for a day of fun at the front and the back, and this guide should help you figure out what to pack for the journey.

Consider a separate picnic and kiddie area in your itinerary if you’re going to be there for a while. There are plenty of shady picnic spots and bathrooms at the park so it’s worth considering this when you’re planning your day out.

Bring your camera, snacks, and a blanket and grab your friends and go for a jog. Here’s a post I’ve written about other things to pack for a fun day.

Food: Once you have the food in your bags, it is time to pack. Don’t be greedy and go in a frenzy packing a bag of popcorn, even though it will be a great snack later on. (it was even I – no big deal). Think about the foods you don’t pack in your bag. 

They are still at the amusement park and will probably get your share of the pies, popcorn, etc. etc. There are plenty of options to store these foods at home.

Water: One of the best things to pack when visiting parks is water. Our mouths and bodies get dehydrated on hot days, but it is essential to stay hydrated

First Aid Kit – be prepared for the worst case scenario, so keep this handy to use at all times.

New shoes – these will likely be my only footwear choice on the day. Any other wear will keep you from enjoying the park, so make sure you’re trying new brands.

Some phone chargers – a couple or more to keep your phones charged for the day.

Bottles – like water, these will be your lifeline during the night. Use as a sipping water bottle.

Set your packs of all necessary supplies down next to you before you get in the car. You should have your usual dental supplies in one bag. A torch, pocket knife, and a decent tape measure should go in another bag. 

You need at least a sleeping bag to be comfortable in the park, so make sure it’s large enough to comfortably fit you and your stuff. (This bag might be useful during the big day.)

Other essential items to have with you include a swimsuit, sunblock, drinking water, snacks, your camera, flashlight, cellphone, and of course a lot of water

If you’re planning on going to Disney on a busy weekend, or on a weekday where crowds are lower, it’s best to avoid the crumbly sand at most rides, because the slipperiness causes a lot of strollers to roll off the rides. Instead, stick to the easy-rolling sand. 

After all, if your stroller is too heavy to push, you’re going to need to carry more luggage to get to the bathroom.

Face Painting : When the weather turns hot you know you can trust the Amusement Park Face Painting Studio to do its best to help brighten your day.

Things To Pack For A Day At The Amusement Park:

1) A bathing suit for all ages (you will most likely wear one in the water, but in the line that surrounds the pool, a towel will also work well)

2) A towel

3) Shorts/pants (you will be having fun in the waters, so try to stay dry. Get your pajamas a lot cleaner then you do, though)

4) A jacket or two

5) A hat

6) Wristwatch

7) Sunscreen

8) Lotion/pepper spray

9) Sunscreen/sunblock

After you’ve found what you’re looking for in this list, you will want to pack a few different items in your bag.

A blanket, a pillow, a cheap bottle of water (and don’t forget snacks), a digital camera, a flashlight and a flashlight charger, a towel, a mat, some blankets, socks, a hat, sunglasses, a warm jacket, a spare tire, spare batteries, a working phone, wind pants, soft shoes, headlamp, whistle, sun screen, a bottle of water, an umbrella, pet food, and a change of clothes for any weather conditions.


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