Pros & Cons of an Electrical Home Automation System

Before citing the advantages and disadvantages, let’s define beforehand what home automation is. With the help of smart devices like your smartphone, you can program and control events in your home with just a click. Simply put, an automated home is one where nearly everything from electronic devices to lighting, heating and cooling systems to household appliances and including security alarms, thermostats and sprinkler systems, are hooked up to a device that you can control anywhere you are on the planet.

Besides those things mentioned above, home automation may also include control over windows, doors and locks, as well as smoke detectors and surveillance cams, among others. These days, local electricians Melbourne wide are now familiar with installing home automation systems, with all the appliances and electronic gadgets you want to control.

You’d be amazed at how your lights switch on and off at certain times of day or how all your lights turn on once your security alarm is activated. But, is it good for you? Let’s tackle the pros and cons of this innovation.

Saves cost and energy

Experts agree that its greatest advantage is energy efficiency and thus, savings on cost. One you have automated your appliance control systems, which would mean efficient use of electricity, it is possible to reduce your electric bill. For instance, you’d be able to adjust your cold and hot temperatures as the need arises without getting off from the bed and switch them off when you’re out of home for days.

Makes life relaxed and more comfortable

You feel safe and secure in your own home, soaking in the tub at the same time listening to your favourite music by just clicking your smartphone. If the security alarm is triggered, you can still have time to secure yourself and dial that emergency number for help. Or else, when you have scheduled someone to do some repairs or cleaning in your home at a particular time, you can use your remote access to the door and lock to let the people in.

Cons of an Electrical Home Automation System

No matter how advantageous the automated home system seems, there will always be some drawbacks to it.

Expensive at the start

It only allows you to save energy and costs in the long run. But upon installation, you need a good amount of money upfront. Maintaining and repairing the system is another costly thing to do.

Internet connectivity issues

Once your Internet connectivity starts getting weak or inconsistent, you’d no longer be able to control your devices and appliances since they could not function the way they should. Technology has its limitations, too.

Automated systems are prone to technical glitches and once a problem between your smartphone and appliances occurs, you may lose control over your system. Even a simple unlocking of your door can fail.

Home automation system has contributed a lot to society these days. However, it’s still a wise idea not to be too dependent on these gadgets. While they may be beneficial to our home, this system should still be well-maintained and this can be done with a thorough inspection from your electrician.

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