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As laptop or computer users are playing too many games every day for their fun and entertainment. The result of playing games is that the ping value is getting increased and the server is getting less connectivity. In this post, we will summarize the major reasons for high ping value and tips to decrease the high ping value to the minimum. Spend some time to read this article completely. 

Some laptop experts stated that the ping value can be fixed to 0. If the ping value is becoming zero, then there is strong and sharp connectivity with other devices. Now, know about the reasons for the high ping value. 

Reasons of high ping value

There are many reasons for having high ping in windows 10. First of all, know about the reasons for having a high ping. A list of reasons for high ping is given below:

  1. Routers in the systems and what is their updated version
  2. Computers that are outdated and not suitable for a current gaming system
  3. Caches on the computer or modem are full or not
  4. Total number of devices that is supported by the device
  5. Auto-updates in the system and get effective when a user starts to play game
  6. Programs and applications which are running in the background of the system
  7. Total number of game settings whether these settings are optimized or not

After having reasons, it should be in practice to avoid all the above-listed reasons so that ping cannot be increased. There is one best thing to lower ping is to maintain laptop or computer updates all time. As a laptop user, if you get more free time, then update its driver also so that all problems related to ping can be solved. 

Tips for fixing ping value

If you are the user who wants windows 10 ping fix itself, then must go through the below-given list so that ping can be fixed. Tips for fixing ping in gaming terms are:

  1. It will be good to disable the updates for some time.
  2. Try to use an Ethernet cord for the best connectivity.
  3. Programs and apps which are not been in use for a long time close them or uninstall such apps.
  4. Check gaming server ping value from time to time.
  5. Remove the connectivity of other devices from your device.
  6. Try to keep your router up to date.
  7. When you see that the ping value is on the peak, immediately contact the service provider.
  8. Choose the gaming server which is close or nearer to you.
  9. Adjust the frame rate so that frame can be transferred based on frame per second

Follow all the above-given tips efficiently so that ping in your windows 10 can be lower down as soon as possible. As ping value is less, connectivity is high. So, think positive and troubleshot all ping-related problems at your end. Good luck and enjoy your games!!!.

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