Shall you Use High Waist Shaper Leggings

High waist shaper leggings and other shapewear are designed to make you look slimmer than you actually are. If you are picking the right shapewear, you can wear your favorite cocktail dress, jeans, T-shirts or work clothes and look slimmer and sleeker.

Like every other body shaper, high waist shaper leggings were also too tight in the beginning. The purpose of wearing was to push fat. However, results were not flattering as shaper leggings used to push the fat in the wrong way.

Wearing bad shapewear can cause acid reflux and many other problems. If you purchase the right high waist shaper leggings and wear properly, you don’t have to deal with any discomfort. Typical body shapers are ultra to light slimming

Ladies often pick body shapers to change their shapes. They should choose according to the spot they want to target such as stomach, butt, thighs or multiple areas.

Get the right fit

Online body shaper shops provide size tables. Take waist and hip measurements and check the table to choose the right fit. Have realistic expectations. If you think that your high waist shaper leggings can provide a little extra firmness, you are wrong. This can cause bulges and discomfort and make you look bigger. Too tight shaper leggings and other body shapers can also cause health problems. It can compress nerves and organs. If you experience numbness and tingling from hip to knee and in the thigh region, most likely, it is because of skinny jeans, shapewear and other restrictive clothing.

Some ladies layer body shapers for special occasions. It can be effective but also very uncomfortable. Special occasions are all about having fun. This may not be possible when you are in restrictive clothes.

If not causing any discomfort, you can wear your high waist shaper leggings to work as well. This will boost your confidence and self-esteem. However, take your comfort very seriously if you want to wear your high waist shaper leggings every day. Avoid wearing shapewear every day if you are prone to yeast infection, bladder infections, or reflux and other GI symptoms.

Pregnancy and Shapewear

Speak to your doctor if you are pregnant and want to wear special maternity shapewear. This type of shapewear may actually make you feel better. If the doctor suggests, you can wear your leggings or any other maternity shapewear every day. However, if your belly is large, the risk for compressing a nerve in the abdomen area is already high. Make sure that it is easy to get your shapewear on and off. Wearing shapewear is also very helpful for a woman with varicose veins.

Shapewear Wardrobe

In addition to high waist shaper leggings, there are many other pieces you can have in your wardrobe. You can add the following:

  • Tights
  • Panties
  • Slip
  • Mid-thigh shaper


If you are trying shapewear for the first time then you should start with tights. Your options include tights to slim the waist, hips, rear, thighs or whole legs. Butt-boosting tights also smooth out panty lines.


If you want to slim down your thighs, rear, hips and even tummy, you can count on shapewear panties. You can also eliminate panty lines with shapewear panties. A boy short cut is perfect if you want your thighs to look sleeker. However, make sure that leg bands of the panty do not dig into your skin. You can create a more seamless look with a brief cut. Choose a high waisted style to tighten your abdomen. There are rear-enhancing panties as well.


If you want to eliminate panty lines and bulges, you can wear a slip under your thin or sheer dress. Choose a half slip starting at the waist if you want to wear a skirt.

Mid-Thigh Shaper  

This type of shaper extends up to the waist and even higher. Mid-thigh shapers are very similar to bicycle shorts. They can cinch your hips, butt, thighs and abdomen.


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