Signs To Look For To Know If Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

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The following tips will help you figure out if someone is telling you the truth naked or not. These tricks were reached by recognizing the signs, which indicate that a person is not honest, such as the lack of consistency of the story, different behavior and the use of too many details.

To use these tricks, let’s say, to catch a liar, you have to practice for some time, after which everything will be very easy, because not only specialists in the field can reach the performance of exposing a liar. 

Here are some of the signs to look at :


When you want to know if a person is lying or not, you need to pay attention to the inconsistencies during speech. Then you have to be confident and bring these questions into discussion. In those moments the person will be incoherent and without logic in speech.

Ask something unforeseen

About 4% of people are “liars by birth”, being able to do this very well, and because their nose doesn’t grow like Pinocchio’s when they lie, you have to be very careful and cautious and at the right time to you ask a tricky question, a question no one expected. Thus, it is impossible not to notice the hesitation in giving an answer.  The use of is important there.

Behavior change

One of the most important indicators, which shows dishonesty, is behavior change . You can practice this on a person who is usually anxious, but now seems calm, or vice versa.

“Look for” dishonest emotions

Most people can fake a smile, but the timing will always be wrong, or it will be too long, or it will be mixed with other thoughts. Most of the time, there is a mixture of an angry girl with a smile. You can tell if the smile is fake, because the lips betray thus, they must not be smaller or thinner than in situations of sincerity.

Pay close attention to courage

In general, when you hear people say, “He had courageous behavior or feminine intuition, ” in reality, it is a deviation from true emotions. In this case, you have to think that someone is not honest and attribute his suspicions to instincts.  

Look at “microexpressions”

Microexpression is an expression present for a short period of time, often around 25 seconds , and is always a hidden emotion. So, when a person behaves as happy, but in reality is upset, for a moment, the real emotions will settle for a moment on the face of those people.

How to recognize a liar

Hidden emotions are fear, fear, anger, happiness and will be seen in the glare of the eyes . The whole trick is to have eagle eyes and notice this detail. In fact, researchers say that people can learn to see microexpressions in less than an hour.


The general rule is that any gesture that does not fit the words spoken indicates a lie. Sometimes when people lie and say, “She’s the one who took the money,” (for example) and unwittingly make a negative gesture “no” with her head, then surely something is not clean in the middle.

Anxiety, disorder

When a person speaks without looking into the other person’s eyes , it may mean that the person is not exactly honest. Usually, these peoplestare blankly, sweat and seem to have anxiety all these states are not normal and indicate anxiety.


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