Simple Ways to Clean Gold Ornaments


Do you desire to enhance your physical beauty? Who does not? But it is impossible to invest in expensive clothes. Fear not! Your investment in golden ornaments can boost your charm and increase your wealth. 

There is a high demand for gold in the national and international markets. According to Hindu mythology, gold is an auspicious metal. Thus, people try to purchase as much gold as possible. During marriage ceremonies, brides and grooms get gold jewellery.

Importance of Proper Maintenance

You cannot wear traditional heavy pieces on a regular basis. Sleek and light-weight gold trinkets are ideal for daily wear. However, the trinkets may lose their charm over time. Body sweat contains toxins. These react with the metal and reduce its glow.

If you wear a long gold necklace, take it off before you take a bath. Soaps and body washes contain chemicals. The action of these chemicals can affect the shine of the ornament. If you take care of gold jewellery, it can look like a brand new piece.

Here are some simple ways to restore the charm of these trinkets.

Use Dish Wash Liquid

Ordinary liquid dish wash soaps do not contain harsh chemicals. You can use it to remove oil and dirt from the ornaments. You must take a cup and fill it with lukewarm water. Then you have to add six to ten drops of liquid soap. Use a spoon to mix the two well.

Then you must immerse the gold ornament in the soap-water mixture. Let it sit for about five minutes. Then you can scrub the ornament with a baby toothbrush. The soft bristles eliminate the chances of scratches on the jewellery.

Once you complete this process, dip the ornament in the soapy water. Then immerse it in another cup that contains clean and cold water. You must rub the ornament with your fingers to get rid of the excess soap. Use a dry cloth to remove excess water. It can restore the beauty of gold jewellery.

Use Ammonia

Precious stones like emeralds, diamonds, ruby and sapphires can embellish a gold pendant. The presence of these stones increases the value of the jewellery. Experts suggest that it is unwise to rub such trinkets with a toothbrush. 

The friction can dislodge the stone from its place. If this happens, you must repair the ornament. Thus, you must use a solvent to clean golden diamond pendants for women. Liquid ammonia is available in the chemist shops. It is an inexpensive solvent.

You must take a container and pour five tablespoons water in it. Then you have to add one tablespoon of liquid ammonia in this water. You have to stir the mixture to make sure that the two liquids mix well. 

After this, you need to put the diamond pendant in the mixture. You must keep it immersed in this mixture for thirty minutes. After half an hour, take out the gold pendant. You need to hold it under the running tap. 

You can use gentle pressure with your fingers to removes any ammonia deposits. After this, you can use a soft cotton or muslin cloth to remove extra moisture. The process removes oil and dirt layers.

Once the entire process is complete, the pendant can emit a better glow. The solvent also cleans the diamond. So, it reflects more light and sparkles like a new stone. 

These are simple home remedies that offer satisfactory results. If you need professional ornament restoration, then consult with the jewellers. Experienced jewellery makers have skills and specialised tools. They can clean the ornaments, without any chances of damage. If you desire to enhance the appearance of the precious trinkets, opt for the best service providers. 


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