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During the last decades, there hasn’t been a single moment when skull motifs were not in style. And there is a reason for this. Skulls are universal, they are unisex and their shape stands for more symbols than you could imagine. There is literally no way you can go wrong with skull bracelets.

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Skull bracelets match every outfit and every mood, as they are timeless symbols of the transitory aspect of human life. The first story involving the skull is traced back to Biblical times. After that, every civilization used skulls in their rituals and myths, the Ancient Greeks did it, the Romans did. However, not only Europe understood the big impact the image of a skull can have – the Mayan and Aztec tribes did too.

What did the pirates know about skulls?

However, nowadays skulls are mostly associated with the pirates, thanks to the Pirates of the Carribean movie and Johnny Depp, the go-to guy when it comes to highly fashioned men figures.

But the inspiration for the famous movie series did not come out of nowhere. True pirates would hang a black flag with a skull on their ship – when they did so, everyone around knew what was going on. The skull flag of the pirates was a statement: they were going to attack the ship of their enemies and they were going to do whatever it took to win. They were not afraid of death as they had the empty black holes of the skull’s eyes watching over them.

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Even in these modern times, when you see somebody wearing skull bracelets, you still get the shivers. It means that person is not afraid to fight for what they want. They will take on any challenges and are not afraid to assume the consequences of their deeds. Yes, skull bracelets can say all of that!

Moreover, the pirates had a skull on their flag as a result of an old belief. It was said that the skulls had the power to scare away the bad spirits of the sea. As you know, the sea is very dangerous to be at. As boring as it can get sometimes, storms are coming out of nowhere and they could kill almost all the souls on the boat. The skull was thought to help the pirates make it out alive of any dangerous situation.

In an almost similar way, wearing skull bracelets will offer your daily life protection. Hopefully, you are not dealing with life-threating situations daily – still, life can be tough sometimes and the only solution is for you to be tougher!

Skull bracelets can work as your lucky charm, helping you avoid an unpleasant situation. In the same time, skull bracelets will offer you the protection required in different circumstances.

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