The Benefits Of Couples Massage

These days, we’re so caught up in our day to day life, that we tend to neglect our relationships. This busy lifestyle also leaves us feeling stressed out and tense.

We’ve all been there – we get tired of our dinner dates, which could be fun, but can become boring once we do it every time we go out. If you’re looking to wind-down and spice things up in your relationship, then you should look into getting a couples massage. Here we’ll talk about all the benefits that can come from getting a couples massage:

  1. Doing something new

Going out for dinner, or staying in for a movie night can be fun, however, once you’ve done it too many times, it becomes tedious.

Getting a couples massage allows you to spice things up. Sharing new experiences is a great way to grow closer together, and create a stronger bond. Not to mention, how relaxed you and your partner will be after your massage!

  1. Spend some quality time together

With our busy lives, we sometimes forget to spend quality time with the people who matter most to us. Even when you’re out together, you feel tempted to check your emails and answer phone calls from work.

Getting a massage will give you and your partner the time to put your work aside for an hour or two. Just like a holiday, you get to relax and let go of all your daily stress. However, you don’t need to spend thousands on a trip.

  1. Lower Stress Levels

A main challenge in a relationship, is keeping the anxiety away. Sure, we try to manage it, but over-time it can hinder our relationships. You simply don’t have time for each other, because you’re busy worrying about work or bills.

Getting a massage allows you to relax, and focus on the present moment. It also releases hormones that keeps stress-levels at bay. You’ll find that you’ll have meaningful conversations with each other, when you take your anxiety out of your relationship.

  1. More Affectionate Feelings

There are tons of hormones released during a couples massage. These include, Oxytocin, Dopamine and Serotonin. These hormones help you to stay joyful after the massage is done.

With these happy-hormones in your body, both you and your partner will feel more affectionate towards each other.

  1. Intimate Encouragement

While these hormones mentioned above, getting a couples massage not only increases emotional intimacy, but it increases physical intimacy as well.

You’ll most likely spend an intimate night together – one without the daily worry. You’ll probably skip the after massage dinner, and take things home.

  1. Personal Bonding

When it comes to bonding in your relationship, you normally think about an island trip for two weeks. However, not all of us can afford this. Getting a massage, just like a vacation, will help bond you and your partner together, as well as help you relax. It’s just a little cheaper!

You’ll probably talk about your experience for weeks to come, as it’s a new experience for both of you. If you are trying to find a couples massage spa in Cranberry, PA then there is none better than Above All Salon and Spa.

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