The Different Procedures Involved in a Mommy Makeover

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While babies bring so much joy, the process of giving birth can contribute to significant body changes, including enlarged breasts and loose skin on your stomach. Although the side effects of childbirth are not critical, you may not view them as pleasant. You may engage in physical activities like running to get your body back. However, when exercise and diet programs fail to reshape your body, you may consider having a mommy makeover in Pasadena, which is a combination of different procedures that help you get your pre-baby body back. Examples of these procedures include:


This is breast reduction surgery used to remove excess fat and tissue from your breasts. Large breasts may cause discomfort, including chronic neck and shoulder pain, nerve pain, and skin irritation below your breast crease. Excess breast tissue may also make your body unproportionate. Besides improving your self-image, this surgical process increases your ability to participate in physical activities.


Like any other surgical process, consulting with your surgeon should be the first step. During the discussion, your surgeon will:

  1. Evaluate your medical history and current health condition.
  2. Take your breast measurements and photo documentation
  3. Discuss with you your expectations after surgery

During the consultation, your surgeon will also inform you about possible risks after surgery, including:

·         Temporary pain and bruising

·         Scarring

·         A change in the shape and size of breasts

Tummy tuck

Pregnancy stretches out your skin and abdominal muscles. The strain may also result in unsightly visible changes to the torso and separated musculature. Stretch marks may also develop on your skin, and it might be challenging to get a flat tummy. A tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. The process reveals a more fit, younger, and toned body.

 Types of tummy tuck procedures

Full tummy tuck. Many patients opt for this procedure to achieve significant body contouring and transformation. Your specialist may recommend a full tummy tuck if you have excess abdominal fat, loose skin, and stretched-out muscles. During the procedure, your surgeon will make incisions around your bikini line. The removal of excess skin and fat will then begin, leaving you with a small scar from the incision. 

  A limited or mini-tummy tuck. To qualify for this procedure, you need to have a good muscle tone and upper abdominal skin. It is a good choice for patients who want moderate changes. The process involves four to eight-inch incisions along the bikini line. Your surgeon may remove excess fat using liposuction and excess skin through the incision.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation involves using silicone or saline-filled implants to increase your breast size and improve the shape of your breasts. Like any other surgery, there are certain risks that you may develop after the procedure, including capsular contracture, implant rupture or leakage, change in nipple sensation, pain, and scarring. Before the procedure, your specialist may require you to consider the following:

·         Breast augmentation will not prevent your breasts from sagging.

·         The process may make breastfeeding challenging.

·         Insurance does not cover the surgery’s costs.

·         Breast implants will not serve you for a lifetime.

To find out which procedure is proper for you, reserve a session with your cosmetic surgeon at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center.

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