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The definition of saving is actually simple, you spend less than you receive. Yet that often turns out to be easier said than done. You want to buy new clothes every now and then, go on vacation and go out with your friends if they ask you. With these tips you can still live luxuriously on a small budget and save at the same time.

Okay, expensive cars and expensive watches may not be there if you want to seriously save money. But that does not mean that you never have to spend anything again and that you can no longer live ‘luxury’ at all. The Value Network and Collaboration website offers the best solutions now.

Free alternatives

If the intelligent lockdown has taught us anything, it is that we can do a lot ourselves at home. Take the gym for example. If you are really doing well at group lessons and can really get your bearings in the gym, by all means, spend money on a subscription. But are you serious about saving? And have you noticed that with a pair of running shoes and free workouts on YouTube you can go a long way? Then you have just found a free alternative.

The same goes for dates and dates with your friends. Of course it is good to get out of the house every now and then. But a movie night with lots of snacks at home is just as fun. A tasting with specialty beers can just as easily be done at home. And how about a night of gaming? Alternate it with appointments outside the door, and you will see that you can save quite a bit of money.

Buy second-hand

Whether it’s clothing, books or a Nintendo Switch: buying second-hand makes you feel like you’re not compromising on your luxury life, while saving you money, at some point, you may even have fun scoring the best looking products for the lowest price.

Choose luxury, but the budget variant

What makes your life fun? Are these, for example, traveling and dinners? Then it is logical that you want to continue to choose this when you start saving. But then go for the budget variant. For example, you can eat out cheaper via Social Deal. There are also a lot of tricks for traveling cheaply. The same applies here: perhaps discovering cheap pearls will become a new hobby for you.

Money is bad and rich people are bad

Rich people are snobs, right? At least they are always portrayed in films and series. And if they aren’t snobs, they are criminals. Believe it or not, not all rich people are bad and jerks are everywhere, not just among the rich. Money in general is neutral, neither good nor bad. It just depends on whose hands it’s in.


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