Which Air Fryer IS The Best?

Fried foods are mouth watering but they require heavy deep frying which can be bad for health. A friggitrice ad aria (air fryer) is the best solution to this problem. They cook food with hot air that gives you crunchy fried food without any deep frying. A good air fryer cooks food faster with zero oil. It is being popular in households from past few years. Now, there is varieties air fryer in the market. So, it important to take the consideration about which fryer is perfect for you. There are a number of factors that should be considered while investing on it. To avoid confusion in buying air fryer here is a guide which will help you to find the perfect air fryer for you.

Stirring paddle

Air fryer has the paddle which moves the food automatically. This will save you from stirring the food as it will turn the food by itself and will make sure that the food is evenly cooked. But in some fryers paddle don’t cook the food evenly.  A fryer with stirring paddle will help to cook the food evenly. These air fryers can be used without paddle; this will cook your food more deliciously in air fryer without breaking them.

Rotating basket with multi cooking

The good air fryers come with rotating basket which will rotate the food automatically same as a stirring paddle. They can do additional cooking like baking, grilling and roasting and some have the feature of cooking whole chicken. 


There are some fryers in which you can set the temperature according to your cooking needs. You can choose the temperature from 80 degree to 200 degree Celsius. It will make control on the food while cooking and make your cooking more comfortable. Temperature control is not so necessary and air fryer can cook food better food without it. But the temperature control makes the cooking handier.


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