Things to Consider When Looking For a Personal Trainer

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Personal training is the perfect investment in your well-being, helping you prevent many health complications. Specialists at Shift Wellness provide personal training in Greenwich Village, assisting patients in accomplishing fitness goals faster while receiving maximum results.

Individual Personal Training

This service involves private sessions with a professional trainer. Individual personal training is great for clients who want to begin exercising but are unsure where to start. This service may be used for athletes of different sports as well as anyone who desires to gain more health. Patients recovering from surgery and illness who want to resume exercising can use individual personal training to speed up the healing process. Trainers provide individualized attention, which helps provide the accountability and support needed to keep you going. Therefore, safe and effective weight loss techniques have maximum results when a client individually works with a trainer.

Small-Group Personal Training

This semi-private service involves professional training for relatively small groups of people, usually 2-5 people. Small group personal training is a great option for people requiring private instruction without necessarily being alone during sessions. This service offers privacy and a client additionally benefits from the motivation of working with other clients. Furthermore, small group training offers accountability and peer support, helping a client achieve maximum results. Training in a group is more affordable than individual training, with cost per person decreasing as more people join the group.

Personal Trainer Responsibilities

Your trainer will:

  • Conduct all the necessary fitness assessment before and after training
  • Develop a safe, effective exercise plan depending on your goals, fitness level and experience
  • Record important personal information, for example, medical health history and other relevant assessments, including a log of training hours
  • Be the first to arrive at sessions
  • Schedule all sessions: this includes rescheduling missed sessions
  • Ensure regular communication with the client
  • Track sessions and monitor client progress

Client Responsibilities

As a client, you should:

  • Always work with the trainer to ensure maximum results
  • Provide an accurate and honest health history
  • Make the trainer aware of changes in medical condition, for example, if pregnant or injured
  • Notify the trainer of any schedule changes 24-hour before to avoid inconvenience and allow room for rescheduling
  • Dress appropriately for sessions
  • Silence electronic devices like mobile phones to minimize interruptions during sessions
  • Submit the necessary payments before sessions

Things to do when preparing for training

Personal training requires psychological and physical preparations that will ensure seamless sessions, including:

  • Before your training sessions, ensure you have a list of your short-term and long-term fitness goals. Your trainer will review your goals and develop an individualized fitness plan that will suit your needs.
  • Dress appropriately in comfortable clothing, making sure you can move freely through a wide range of motion.
  • Carry water to sessions: This will ensure that you are always hydrated.
  • Eat a light snack or meal an hour before sessions.

For maximum results, follow all guidelines, especially those from your trainer. Additional unsupervised exercise and healthy eating are crucial to achieving optimal results. Connect with personal trainers at Shift Wellness and jump-start your journey towards a fit and healthier you.