Three Situations in Which You Need to Have a Slip and Fall Attorney on Your Side

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A slip and fall can seem like a minor accident but it can lead to injuries you may not feel immediately. Depending on the strength of the fall, it can cause head injuries which you should not take lightly. Slip and fall injuries should be checked by a doctor right away to avoid further complications. For the victim, this means seeing a doctor and getting possibly expensive or even long-term treatment. If this is your case, you need to see a slip and fall attorney atlanta to know your rights and help you get the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses and possible lost wages. The following are specific situations in which you need to services of a slip and fall attorney:

You Think the Property Owner Knew About the Dangerous Condition that Caused Your Injury

Every property owner has the responsibility to keep their facility safe for everyone who will walk on it. If they don’t properly and regularly inspect their facility, accidents can happen and they can be held liable for them. As a victim, you need to prove the hazardous location was not properly maintained within a reasonable amount of time. 

The Cause of the Fall Was Yet to be Determined

Just because you feel on somebody’s property does not automatically mean they were 100% at fault. For instance, if you feel down a flight of stairs, your attorney will consider how the fall occurred, the kin of shoes you were wearing, whether or not you were holding onto the handrail, or whether you were carrying something or using your phone. While you could hold the property owner liable for your injury after you slipped and fell as you tried to reach for a missing handrail or crumbling step, you can’t do the same if your accident happened when you tripped on the hem of your dress. Your attorney will make sure your version of the story is heard and prove that your injury resulted from the other party’s negligence. 

When the Other Party Disputes Liability

Although you may strongly believe the other party was at-fault for your accident, this party’s insurance company and defense attorneys know how to reduce or deny liability. They will cast doubt on your claims, stating that you contributed to the accident since you failed to exercise sufficient caution when you feel. Your slip and fall attorney will make sure liability is assigned correctly and fairly. 


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