Tips for Setting up a Contemporary Style Dining Area with the Perfect Dining Table Set

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Your dining area is one place that is sure to garner some eyeballs when you have friends and family coming over. It can light up the mood and set the conversation going. Sure it can be a greater ice breaker for any conversation to get going starting with some home decor. One thing that elevates the entire dining area experience is your dining table set design. It need not be the conventional round shape and you can go experimenting with the one that you like the best. 

Sometimes, a rectangular or even a square dining table set is more exquisite than the conventional design. Not only the shape but the occupancy of the table should be considered when you are planning to buy one. More room for the guests on your dining table will make your guests feel welcomed. This will also elevate your dining experience when conversations get going around your delicious foods. 

Next thing you look at is the materials used for your dining table, for example, Sheesham, mango, rubber, acacia, beech, or pine wood. Wood is the most commonly used material; although you can buy a dining table set made from glass, tempered glass, marble, and even metal. It all depends on your personality and you can lighten up with a dining table which shall complement it for sure! 

Let’s have a look at some tips that you can keep in mind when you set up a contemporary style dining area:

Choose your clayware

When we refer to clayware, we mean your dining set. Make sure it matches your dining table and goes with the overall aesthetics of your dining area. One need not restrict themselves only to using glass, but can also experiment with other materials like china clay, porcelain, ceramic, plastic and even different metals that can add to your dinner table elegance. A pro tip to remember is that when you buy a dinner-set, be aware of it influencing the overall dining experience of the diner. 

Admix your dinnerwares

When you set up your dining table, be open to experimenting in using different dinner-sets at one time. Different patterns, as well as different materials like a glass with porcelain, can be used together. When using printed cutlery, using others of the same color adds a vibrant effect to your dinner set. You can try complementing different shapes together to blend in some aesthetic effect. A contrast table cloth too can help your dinner set in garnering some appreciation from your guests.

Experiment with colors

You can use pastel shades in your dinner set and accessorize them using bright color flowers or cutlery holders. Accompany them with beautifully patterned napkins and table runners make your dining table more elegant. You can make use of a little bling, silverware, to your basic white plates which add life to your table. Table centerpiece also is an important attraction for your dining table. 

Formal or Casual?

At most times, we assume setting up the dining table has to be formal, whereas it is not true. It can be casual as well, depending on the occasion. For example, your guests are teenagers and young adults where a casual set up will help set the tone, whereas elderly people prefer a more formal table setting. For a family occasion, you can also arrange the table in a manner that your guests can help themselves to make them feel at home. Don’t forget your occasion sets the theme for styling.

Here are some of the top picks that you can look out for while buying a dining set:

Hubert Solid Wood Eight Seater Dining Set by HomeTown

This is a classic dining collection that has a book-match veneer pattern with turned legs that enhances the look. The chairs have a fabric upholstery which is accented by floral cravings. Perfect for large families or where you constantly have guests pouring in.

Alvan 4 Seater Round Dining Set by Wooden Street

This cute little 4 seater dining set is the most that you can make in small and limited spaces. There are dining rooms or dining areas that can perfectly fit the table while saving on space that the chairs otherwise occupy. The seats are made from premium quality Sheesham wood whereas the table is available in three finishes- honey, walnut and teak. 

Caribu 4 to 6 Extendable – Doris (Leatherette) 4 Seater Dining Table Set by Urban Ladder

A clean looking design brought to you by Urban Ladder is a perfect example of what modern homes need. A dining table that expands to accommodate six people and otherwise can be perfectly used by a nuclear family. This table keeps in mind, ‘the more the merrier’ while having a clean chrome look to its chairs. The stylish ‘V’ style table stand is no less than a sci-fi movie representation of futuristic homes

Decorating your dining area is an art and you’re its artist. Unleash the artist in your to showcase your creativity to all your guests. Finally, this is the generation of Instagram worthy content. Not to mention, make sure you have some presentable food that makes for a great picture! Happy dining!

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