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Want to up your flirting game online? Then you know how emojis can convey things, feelings, and activities effectively without explicitly saying or writing the things you want to say. In this article, we listed down some of the most effective, yet underrated emojis to use when you are talking, texting, chatting, and DM’ing someone special. 

Water droplet emoji

Forget about the fire emoji and all of its connotations. Frankly, they’re overused, and although they can be effective in some situations, when you have the option not to use it, grab that opportunity. Instead, use water emoji. Or the water droplet emoji, if we’re going to be technical. This emoji conveys things better, it’s direct, straightforward, and thus, it will get the right indignant response. Or when you’re lucky, a naughty comeback.

Comet emoji

The comet emoji is rarely used, but there are quite the situations where you can use it effectively to convey urgency, anticipation, and that particular rush you feel when messaging your special someone. It doesn’t hurt that this emoji also signifies something extraordinary is about to happen, something big – if you know what we mean—wink, wink.

Water wave emoji

The water wave emoji is a more prominent, more potent, more powerful version of the water droplet emoji. While with the latter, you are implying a good time, with the water wave emoji, promising something that will devastate them in the best way possible. You can use it cheekily while promising the other person on the line good time.

This emoji is commonly used for water bodies like lakes, the ocean, or activities like surfing and swimming, but using it metaphorically should make the receiving end look forward to something else entirely. The rush would be enough for them to anticipate and be excited about what’s to go down.

Devilish grin emoji

A classic, but not used the way it should be. The devilish grin emoji is an effective weapon to say something that you don’t want to say, but you’re actively thinking. This a great emoji to use for personal messages that border on cheekiness, with a playful tone. It can also be used to comment on thirst traps and the like. You can use it for pretty much anything, and it will add another dimension to what you are saying. Let the other person wonder what exactly you’re thinking!

See no evil emoji

When you want to make the most out of an innocent text, like “Good morning” or “Good night”, add a  see no evil emoji to make the person on the other end think there’s something more that you are not saying. This will open up a longer conversation, which may turn into a date! They see no evil emoji is depicted as a monkey covering its eyes, which usually depicts being discreet, willful ignorance that you both can explore.

Smirk emoji

The smirk emoji seems and looks condescending, but that’s not the case at all. You can effectively use this emoji when you want to drive a point or just get a rise out of a person. Say, you texted something controversial – following it up with the smirk emoji will create an environment where you almost challenge the person to defy your smartass.

You can also use the smirk emoji if you want to be suggestive and imply something a little more PG. The sly yellow pictograph is a perfect opening salvo to let the person know you are ready for something more with them. If you are using an innuendo on a text, the smirk emoji is an excellent companion too.

Cloud nine emoji

Another underrated emoji that doesn’t see its usage share, the cloud nine emoji is as wholesome as it is. It depicts a person with clouds on its heads, and the meaning behind is that you are elated from something that they’ve said, or just that you are excited that the other person is texting you back. It also signifies happiness and elation at the same time.

Blushing emoji

When things get a little more PG, the blushing emoji is an excellent emoji to use. It means that you’re embarrassed but also excited about the things that you are talking about. If the other person has said something really naughty, the blushing emoji is an appropriate response as well. The blushing emoji is not only cute, but it’s also sexy, so make the most out of it.

In A Nutshell 

Dating in this more connected world seems to be more complicated than before, but you should be fine with a little digital help. With emojis, you can say whatever you want to say without really saying it. Learn to read between the lines as well, so you know what to look for. 

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