What to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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If someone has filed a criminal lawsuit against you, a civil attorney is not the right person for your rescue. You should approach a criminal defense attorney having specialization in criminal laws to deal with different stages of the criminal process and help you get out of the problem by lessening your punishment or with charge dismissal.

Civil vs. Criminal Lawyers

Private criminal defense attorneys usually practice in small partnerships or on their own. These people tend to work in a particular geographic setting. On the other hand, civil lawyers tend to work for large corporate law farms having branch offices in several cities.

The nature of the work is not the same for civil and criminal lawyers. Let us make the differences clear as follows:

  • Civil attorneys working for big farms usually represent companies who have business network spread all over the country or across the globe. On the other hand, criminal defense attorneys represent those with local problems.
  • Companies represented by the civil lawyers working for big farms require continued legal advice, support and representation. Criminal lawyers defending individuals are usually one-shot players requiring sporadic or nonrecurring legal support.

Local Orlando criminal lawyers have the experience of working for the government before their private practices, either as a public defender or a prosecutor.

Local Advantage

A defendant with a criminal charge should hire a criminal defense lawyer having years of experience in dealing with cases similar to his. A criminal proceeding may differ between courthouses. Defense lawyers in one country may know the prosecutors likely to plead ahead of trial and it will help them negotiate in advance. Local lawyers know the police officers as well as how they perform before juries in the court. The defendant should hire lawyers who are familiar with both local personnel and procedures.

Experience With the Type of Crime

A plaintiff should try to find a lawyer having enough experience in defending people charged with the crime similar to yours. Modern criminal laws involve complexities and can be best understood by those having specialization in a particular type of criminal offenses. For example, one lawyer may have expertise in drug offense and another in drunk driving and white-collar crimes.

As a defendant, you have the right to inquire during your first face-to-face meeting with the attorney. You should not engage a lawyer to defend your case if the professional is reluctant to talk about his experience or gives vague answers.

Most private attorneys have years of experience in handling criminal cases before starting private practices. Therefore, it is unlikely that you have to sacrifice skill and experience to find a suitable attorney possessing local experience in dealing with such cases.


A defendant’s lawyer represents his client. Even if a lawyer is highly recommended, it is important that he is the right guy you feel comfortable with during discussion. The best lawyer-client relationship develops only if there are scopes for the clients to be involved in the decision-making process. Make sure to hire a lawyer who has a convincing record of success in handling the criminal offense similar to yours.

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