Wardrobe Design Catalogue

Know how designing a Wardrobe for a small home incurs bunch of tasks simultaneously

Creativity and planning meet here to bring the most valuable aspect for your home décor and organizing. It’s at the same time fun creating a space for your kinds of stuff within a small space which adds up to your home décor. Nothing could be more challenging than to create right-sized storage which goes well with your home décor especially when you have a space constraint. However, the fun part is you have many more ways to create a wardrobe or storage in your small room which could have a disguised presence without an awkward look. Let’s visualize some of the ideas to implement for differently designed small rooms or houses with limited space.

  1. The Bed: Bed is the minimal thing a bedroom has. Finding storage in bed is one of the smart ideas when you are running through a space constraint. Having storage under the bed is quite old fashioned and accumulates dust too. Built-in storage at headboard, footboard or side option is some of the better options conditioned to the planning of your room, placement of the bed and the kinds of stuff you need to store there.
  2. Window Option: Creating a wardrobe around the window is a very good option to save space. This could be developed as a reading zone with outside window views and a bit of platform décor.
  3. Built-in furniture: Putting standalone furniture is not possible in a small space, but built-ins are very good options here. Such as TV stands with storage underneath or surroundings, mirror cabinets, etc. Such
  4. Surrounding Wall Option: Finding one or two surrounding walls for the wardrobe is a very good idea however it has to be well planned and in tune with the décor of the room. It could be of the size till roof or wall to wall.
  5. Sliding Doors: Sliding doors are the boon for a wardrobe for a small space room. The glass could be of translucent or some designer one to give a disguised look.
  6. Wall Divider: The interior of the room or a house matters a lot. Suppose you have a large open space at some of the rooms or else you want to cover the bathroom door, you can always put a wardrobe as a wall divider.
  7. Understated Colour: This is an important aspect of a small room wardrobe. In case you are not left with an option other than putting your wardrobe in an undisguised manner, always choose an understated color to keep your room lighter.
  8. Using mirrors: When you are putting a wardrobe in a small room, using mirrors creates an illusion of larger space. Mirrors when customized according to your room or house décor enhance your interiors and the storage usability requirements are also met to the best.
  9. Capsule or Open wardrobe: Having a capsule wardrobe or else going for an open wardrobe is another good option in space scarcity.

Let’s look at the Wardrobe Design Catalogue to select one right for you. I hope you find it just the right fit for your requirements.

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