What are the benefits of using geranium oil?

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The candy colour geranium flower is a vibrant, sweet-scented smelled flower that gives oils that help in many ways. There are many medicinal benefits of the geranium oil for various problems like skincare and pimples.  it has become quite popular over the year for curing for many problems that frequently happens to our skin and great at improving it.  Curious to know more about what are some other use of geranium oil for the skin? You are in the right place!

Geranium oil can help you retaining youth

Geranium oil is found in many anti-ageing skin care products and that is for a reason. Geranium oil firms the skin and makes it look younger than ever. Some of us use antiaging products that are too drying and makes the skin sensitive. But the geranium oil moisturizes the skin and makes it supple soft.  Combine the geranium oil with advanced antiaging treatment like retinol. Retinol will rejuvenate the skin by combining itself with the geranium oil. But make sure your skin does not react allergically to this combination.

Geranium oil Soothes irritated skin.

We all go through some bad skin time pretty much throughout the year.  Our skin can become overly sensitive about using bad skin care products over the years. As a result, the skin can be irritated more frequently and result in lots of pimples. This irritated skin needs much gentle care, not any harsh treatments.  Geranium oil contains anti-oxidant that soothes irritated skin. Anti-oxidant also regenerates the skin and removes the pimple marks.

Geranium oil can prevent the radical damage of skin

The radical damage that our skin faces because of the pollution is eliminated by anti-oxidant.  Most of the times when we use an anti-pimple product, our skin becomes dull and dry. It is not the case with geranium oil as it gives a subtle glow to our skin.

Geranium oil can Balance sebum production

Oily skin family people do not use moisturizer, thinking that their skin is already oily. It is a myth that you do not need a moisturizer if you are oily. You need oil to balance sebum production. If not, your skin feels that it does not have enough oil. Then it produces more and more oil. So to balance out the oil production using a moisturizer containing geranium oil. On the other hand, geranium oil is antiseptic and anti-oxidant. It unclogs the pores and then stops the excess sebum production

Geranium oil works well On the dryness

Some dry skin family people know the struggle of dry skin. No matter what they put on their dry patches, it remains dry. Moreover, you cannot just add a greasy oil there as you get pimple quickly. For those people, geranium oil will come to the rescue. As geranium oil moisturizes without making the skin oily, it will help your dry patches.  If you have dandruff or any irritation at the scalp, then use geranium oil with any nourishing mask. Your scalp will feel smoothened, and dandruff will go away.

Geranium oil can treat itchiness.

There are times when we get mosquito bite that looks like a pimple. These things come when you are about to go for a special occasion. No more worries about the redness of the skin. Just use geranium oils on the spot directly. The itching sensation will go away immediately. Also, make a spray with geranium oil for further use.

How do I use geranium oil in my skincare routine?

It is easy if you want to add geranium oil to your skincare routine. If you use moisturizer, add two-three drops of geranium oil to it. And then apply it all over the face, including the neck. If you use it at night, it will be more beneficial as it will work as a night cream. Before applying all over the face, do a patch test must.






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