What Are The Different Types Of Piling? Read This To Know

Any person who works or operates in the construction line knows about piling. It is an essential step in the pre-construction stage of building an establishment. Piling means laying a foundation before constructing a residential or commercial property. So what do piling contractors do? They lay down cement concrete over the land where the establishment is supposed to be built. It will help the building have strong support and thus reduce or prevent any hazards caused during natural disasters. But what are the different types of piling used? Let’s see!

Anchoring Rigs Piling Method

Mini piling rigs are used in areas or lands where there is restricted access to the piling contractors. In small areas where big pilings cannot be installed into the ground, anchoring rigs are used. They are also used in case of geotechnical soil investigation. An anchoring ring is usually available in sizes from 100 mm to 400 mm. They are compact in size and can be installed easily in smaller areas.

CFA Piling

Continuous Flight Auger, also known as the CFA piling method, is a new-age technique designed with proper intricate specifications. It can be used in areas with clayey or sandy soils. CFA piling is also known as Auger Displacement Rigs. In this method, circular galvanised shafts made of steel are lodged deep into the ground. These shafts are then filled with concrete and pushed even deeper into the land where they hold it together. They seem like they are screwed and fit into the ground, making it stable and creating a solid base. They are a cost-effective as well as a sustainable method of piling.

Kelly Drilling Bored Piles

A “kelly” is a long pipe, which usually has four or six sides depending on the choice of piling contractors. These pipes are hollow from the inside so that they can be filled with fluid. It’s a standard dry rotary drilling method, which is suitable for all types of soils. A kelly drill is available in different sizes starting from 500 mm.

Vibrator Sheet Piling

Sheet piles are constructed by interlocking many steel sheets together to lodge them firmly into the soil. This piling method is used for excavation sites for the safety of the personnel involved. They can also be used for various other applications. Different forms of sheet pilings are vinyl sheet piling, steel sheet piling, concrete piling, etc. It is also used for temporary earth retention.


Various methods of piling used for construction are stated in the list above. CFA piling is a modern technique and is used prominently. But the decision remains upon the piling contractors to choose a foundation piling system. In the case of modern multi-storeyed buildings, structural stability is a must. There is a mass of people who live/work in such establishments, so many lives are at stake. Using a proper piling method and top-quality piling material is a necessity for constructing buildings that are safe to stay.

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