What Do You Need To Know When Buying A House With A Pool In Scottsdale?

In Arizona’s Maricopa county, Scottsdale is home to a stunning desert landscape, mountains, slopes, and olive trees. The locals encounter three months of sweltering heat and the remaining six months of mild winters, making the atmosphere both hot and chilly. The diverse collection of towns and municipalities attracts many investors. Moreover, you can create your vacation spot by investing in Scottsdale homes for sale with a pool. 

Scottsdale has a population density of 1,311.7 per square mile. Real estate is popular here because it provides quick access to scenic areas and other attractions, including a zoo, water parks, golf courses, and an Indian Museum.  

If you are keen on real estate and want to own a property in Scottsdale, here are some things to ensure before buying a house.

The Property’s Price

Nowadays, luxury houses can be purchased and enjoyed for a reasonable price. Pools are made available in two main property types – in-ground and above-ground, with significantly different installation costs. The price range for the former is between $28000 and $55000, while the price range for the latter is between $2850 and $11200. If you have a proper budget, opt for the in-ground variant because it raises the house’s value over time.

Maintenance Factor

Scottsdale has become well-known in the USA for its rich cultural diversity, prosperous economy, picturesque vistas, and exceptional educational and recreational amenities. The place offers a variety of architectural styles and house types for sale, including houses with pools. The typical home costs roughly $349,300.

Due to the rising cost of Scottsdale homes for sale with pool, you must ensure that you have the finances to maintain the belongings and pay your monthly bills without stress. 

The regular expenditures for maintaining the pool must be taken into account. Regular maintenance is needed, including frequent cleaning, chemical treatment, filter replacement, and many other tasks. Additionally, the pH levels should be checked, and the water needs to be changed periodically. While it is possible to do it yourself, appointing a specialist would be better. 

Follow the Safety Standards

Buying a home is an expensive activity. Consequently, you must exercise caution and examine every part of the property you intend to purchase during the house inspection. Ask the owner or the real estate agent if the pool complies with all applicable municipal, federal, and international safety standards. For instance, the corners must be polished and free of iron components, among other requirements.

The Pool’s Reliability And Lifespan

People inspect the quality and construction of a home before purchasing it, including the building materials used, the durability of the walls, the tiles, and other factors. The pool should receive the same consideration. So it would be better if you inquired about its age and durability.

The maintenance schedule and the quality of the building materials affect how long an above-ground or in-ground pool will last. The best materials are concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass, lasting 5 to 25 years.


Owning a pool could be the most excellent feature of your new home, especially on a hot day with a tasty BBQ. Several homeowners will tell you that all the effort to organize poolside parties and family gatherings throughout the summer is worth it despite the costs and attention needed to maintain a pool. A house with a pool enhances your quality of life and fetches more money when you decide to sell it. Consider the above mentioned aspects before investing in a Scottsdale home to ensure you get a good deal.


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