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Hypospadias is a medical condition that usually occurs in boys who are below the age of 5. It is a disorder in which the penile opening is not at the foreskin end. This condition usually happens due to severe abnormality in the testicles and is sometimes caused by other hormonal imbalances and is caused by around 10% of male babies. The opening of the penis may be found around the underside of the penis, instead of at the end of the penis where the opening of the urethra is located.

While a child who has a slight birth defect such as hypospadias is still growing, surgery should not be delayed preventing complications later on. Surgery can be performed to repair the damage done to the urinary openings at birth. One of the most common reasons why surgery is performed is to repair the penis. Any complications that could have occurred while the child was in the womb may have been corrected with this surgery.

There are many health concerns associated with hypospadias or a condition of the urethra that is attached to the tip of the penis. The urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside) ends in a duct, which is then attached to the tip of the penis. The problem occurs when the duct becomes blocked, or when the tip of the penis is not properly connected to the rest of the body by the remaining end of the urethra. Because of this complication, the penis that is born with hypospadias may be awkward or uncomfortable for the person. Hypospadias can also cause problems with urination and urinary problems if not properly treated.

For the people who have been diagnosed with hypospadias, the challenge is to develop a suitable remedy for this problem so that they can get over with the feeling of pain. The first thing that they should do is to consult a doctor and discuss their condition. Physicians at the Hypospadias Specialty Center can help them to determine whether the condition is permanent or if there is a chance of it being treated. If this is confirmed, then they should take every step necessary to find a permanent cure for this problem. The best treatment for this condition will involve the repairing or removing of the hypospadias.

Hypospadias Repair is a new, revolutionary way of repairing the problems caused by this condition. It is often an outpatient surgery that usually takes between 90 minutes and 3 hours. The repair process consists of 4 stages in which the surgeon straightens the shaft, makes the urinary canal, places the meatus (opening) in the head of the penis, and circumcises or reconstructs the foreskin.

The doctors at the Hypospadias Specialty Center have groundbreaking treatments for people of all ages with birth defects in the penile. They are a well-known board-certified in urology and pediatric urology. They also offer several resources to help youths, adults and their families understand the condition, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery methods. From patient resources, parenting tips, surgery information, webinars, and physicians’ resources, their services and support is sure to help you, your loved one and/or family make the wellness transition go smoothly.

These days, it is quite easy to look after a child who has Hypospadias because many doctors are now using the latest technology and are providing adequate care for such a condition. It is important to keep the genital tissues clean and wet. This can make the condition easier to treat and a lot more comfortable for the child. There are also various surgical techniques available that can be used to repair the hypospadias.

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