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Two of the most common online business sites are IQ Option and IQ Broker. Everyone has drawn millions of users from all over the world since their introduction. So if you are a new trader who wants to invest with the broker, which one do you want? This analysis should equate them together.

Let’s jump into it.

Active traders

When it was first launched, IQ Option has drawn more than 11 million active traders and trades of over $30 million every month. IQ Option has over 23 million traders and a monthly trading volume of over US$ 380 million. Both platforms have larger trade from various regions around the world. They have mainly Latin American, Asian, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and African customers. Please note that both brokers do not sell their services to New Zealand, Australian, and North American residents.

Account Types

IQ Choice has five different forms of accounts. A minimum deposit of $50 is expected in their Simple Account. You will pay up to $25 into a company with this account and you will have up to 10 open shops at a time.

A minimum deposit of $500 is required in the Silver account. This account allows you to invest up to $250 per business and up to 15 open businesses at a time. A personal advisor, as well as regular stock reports and financial analysis, will also be open to you.

A minimum deposit of $2500 is expected for the Gold account. You will spend up to $ 1,000 per company and have up to 30 open trades at a time with this scheme. You will also be granted a personal advisor, regular customer feedback and analysis grants, prioritization, and up to 2% extra for profitable companies.

A minimum deposit of $5000 is required for Platinum. You will pay up to $ 2,000 per exchange with this profile and have infinite numbers of free trades concurrently. You will also receive an account manager, regular industry updates, statistical reports, preferential cancelation, and an additional up to 4% in profitable companies.

The only access is the Unique account. You can invest no more than $5000 per trade with this account and also have a limitless number of businesses open at one time. You will have a professional account manager, regular industry analysis and financial reports, prioritization, exposure to plans, and up to 6% more in profitable companies.

On the other hand, IQ Alternative has 2 types of accounts. A minimum deposit of $10 is expected for the Regular account. Availability to all financial products is available for standard account holders, which can invest less than $1 per trade.

The maximum amount you can spend per trade is not capped. 0A minimum deposit of $2000 or a minimum of $15,000 is expected on the IQ Options VIP account over three months. For EU people, the VIP account is not open. VIP account holders profit from instant deposits, account management, and eBooks free of charge. All sites also have test accounts including $10000 virtual cash paid. The accounts of the demo can be reloaded from the reserve.

All sites offer demo accounts that have a virtual cash balance of $90000. The demo accounts can be reloaded from the balance.

Types of assets offered

All systems have hundreds of specific class tools. Online choice, service, product, commodity, and cryptocurrencies are included. Perhaps the major reason for their development in so short a period is this varied range of financial instruments.

Accepted Payment Methods 

The IQ Option and IQ brokers each accept more than 20 different forms of payment. Credit/debit cards, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are included. However, IQ Choice is remarkable. New forms of payment are constantly implemented. Recently, Jeton Wallet has been added to the list.


All networks have intuitive trade interfaces that are well built. All support sheets, bar, and candle maps. Nevertheless, more metrics and tools are available in the IQ Choice platform. There are also bigger candle periods when the candle interval for the IQ Option broker alternative is limited. A digital payment feature of IQ Option broker. You can communicate on the forum with other traders. You will also show other trades in real-time. Their social network communities are also useful to launch traders. IQ Option broker has help and chats feature, on the other hand, that allows us to interact with the other traders.

Deposits and withdrawals

It may take a couple of minutes or even several days to show your deposit on your exchange account, depending on the process of your deposit. It is easier to deposit via an eWallet or by a debit/credit card. Canceled orders are satisfaction and overall within hours or up to five working days depending on the type of your account.

Final Words

For beginner and specialist traders, both platforms are great. For smaller businesses as well as for trading shares, the IQ Option broker is an excellent pick. Expert Option provides more trading accounts, however, a larger deposit is needed for their payment security.

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