Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Will Love

A bathroom is a place where we start and finish our day. Because of that, this room deserves dedicated details, quality, and a practical layout to boot. Above all, you want your bathroom to be comfortable and low maintenance so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying it. Remodeling your current bathroom demands consideration of all of these aspects, so here are some tips for remodeling your bathroom that you will love.

Heated Floors

Picture for a moment, stepping out of the bathtub or shower and settling your feet on a warm floor. A remodel is the perfect time to add this feature because chances are, you will be ripping up the floors to replace them. While you are there, install some heat beneath the floor, under whatever material you pick. This will make your floors exponentially more comfortable and help heat the room evenly and keep your primary thermostat a bit lower.


Adding glass to your bathroom always looks sharp, especially for your shower stall. If you are operating with an old-fashioned shower curtain, try ripping that out of the wall and installing a completely clear and transparent glass shower door and stall. You can find a custom glass specialists to install the glass with a sleek aluminum frame, and you will have the perfect modern aesthetic.


One of the more overlooked aspects of a bathroom remodel, and general design is lighting. It would be best if you had a solid combination of both natural and artificial lighting to obtain a bathroom that feels bright and brings out the details of your features. Adding recessed lighting around the ceiling will light up that glass shower stall or bring out some white tile. Having natural light, especially through a skylight, can add a dimension of nature to the room that is subtler, but none the less impressive. Find a lighting specialist that can customize the lighting in your bathroom, you will be happy that you did.


Another area of untapped potential is the bathroom mirror. This ties right into the lighting segment, in that the mirror’s position should complement or benefit from the lighting in the room. Having a natural lighting scheme around the mirror allows you to witness yourself as you appear outdoors. This provides you with true skin tone and color representation. The size of your mirror heavily depends on what your bathroom floor plan calls for. The traditional location is on the front of the medicine cabinet above the sink, but some will find it far more useful in front of a linen shelf as a full-size door. This will give you a full-size mirror rather than your top half and also provides more of the sharp, modern appeal we have been going for.


Remodeling your bathroom is a herculean task with seemingly endless aspects to consider. Hiring an interior designer will always bring more ideas to light, as someone who spends their days designing bathrooms. These tips and ideas should get the gears turning, so if you hire a designer, you will have novel ideas to work with.

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