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There are few rules to know to wear a watch well, but they are essential to always have a good look and showcase this accessory.

Men naturally learn the rules of wearing a watch

You just have to observe and realize what looks good or bad. However, some do need a little help and note that some things can change to make the accessory a better complement to an outfit.

Nothing fancy, they’re simple rules that maybe just need to be remembered. Remember, there is no mistake that you can’t just avoid by looking in the mirror before you go out. For men’s watches this is important.

Choose the wrist you feel most comfortable with

  • Although in the past some people have claimed that the rule of thumb is to use the watch on the non-dominant hand (left in the case of right-handed people and on the right in the case of left-handed people), whatever wrist you want. use does not matter. In fact, you had better feel comfortable with your room because you will know how to make it look natural.

Adjust the strap if necessary

While some men never have a problem with the fit of their watch, whether it is on a leather or stainless steel strap, others often have a problem with a strap that is too large or too small, which causes it. prevents proper adjustment. Go to a watchmaker to be able to adjust it according to your needs and be comfortable without the watch looking loose or cutting off your circulation.

Always match the outfit and accessories

If you have a blue suit, a blue dial can be a perfect addition or you can choose the watch according to the tone (light or dark) of your outfit. Likewise, consider that the bracelet can match the belt: if it is leather, you can match the tone of the belt. Also consider the metal of the buckle or the material that can match the main material of the watch.

Switch between watches

Wearing the same watch every day would only be an option if you wear almost the same thing all the time but it is impractical. A good collection of watches is essential.

Want to look sophisticated? Avoid what glitters

Although we see many celebrities opting for glitter and diamonds on their timepieces, it is especially important to avoid them in formal or serious attire, as it distracts all attention. They are more for special occasions and maybe not so formal looks. If you’re comfortable go for it, but understated luxury watches are better.

Sports watches don’t go with a suit

James Bond certainly popularized the use of a dive watch with formal suits such as tuxedos but not all of us are secret agents and these watches are better with a different type of outfit. This is still acceptable even when talking about a formal business outfit but it’s even better with a casual look. For a sporty look, it is better to avoid it and opt for a more discreet watch.

Choosing the right dial

Here we mean that when it is early and daytime it is better to go for watches with a white dial or light shades while at night it is better to wear a dark dial (well that in some outfits, white may be ideal).

(Bonus) Don’t touch someone else’s watch

It would be a bit odd to take your wrist to view your watch and while we rarely compliment a coworker’s watch, it can be an option to give it a better look. Of course, there are some who will take it off without a problem and give it to you, but don’t touch their arm first.

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