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If you are looking for the smartest portable blenders then our blenders are the best choice for you. These are very small blenders and these are portable blenders. There are many features and benefits of portable blenders. You can find the high quality of Australian portable blenders as you can find the different colors and sizes of portable blenders. 

SmartBlend portable blenders are the best blenders which can solve the all problems of the customers as these are available in Australia and you can buy it from all over the world. There is free delivery of these blenders within Australia. 

Benefits of Smart Blenders

There are many benefits of SmartBlend’s portable blender and you can see the different features of these blenders. We are discussing the main features and benefits of smart blenders. These benefits are given below. 

  1. One of the best features of smart blenders is the superior ice crushing of smart blenders. These blenders have the features of superior crushing. Although you can find the different types of other brand blenders they may not have the superior crushing features as you can find in the smart blenders. 
  2. Our blenders have an increased blending performance as you can see from the different features of smart blenders. These blenders can perform better than other brands of blenders. 
  3. You can also find the borosilicate glass in these blenders which can resist all cold as well as hot temperatures.  These glasses have the features to keep the material fresh and you can get high-quality mixtures. 
  4. These blenders have a larger capacity of up to 450 ml. It is the best for all customers. 
  5. There is maximum usage per charge and the usage can be up to 20 usages per charge. 
  6. There is a guarantee of the product as customers can avail of the 12-month guarantee. 
  7. These blenders are easy to clean and you can use them properly and you will be able to clean them easily. 
  8. If we look at the designs of these blenders then you will be able to find the best designs of these blenders. You can find the premium designs and these are available in 5 different colors like white, black, silver, light red, and light purple.  These blenders are very modern. 
  9. There is the maximum capacity of the mixture is 450ml. 
  10. You need to require the 126 W different other types of blenders need more power but these blenders need the power of 126 w. 
  11. There is the requirement of a battery of 2500mAh x 27 av.
  12. It has a high-speed motor which can run at 16500 RPM speed. 
  13. The usage of this blender is 15-20 times per charge. 
  14. There is the USB charger and these are user manuals. 
  15. There is the borosilicate glass which has different features which can help the mixture to be fresh. 
  16. It has more properties than ice crushing. 
  17. It has pure Australian 
  18. We are 100% Australian-owned and proud of it. All orders are thoroughly inspected and shipped from our Brisbane location. We ensure 100% quality on all our products.
  19. It is 100 % Australian owned and these are shipped from Australia from the Brisbane location. The customer can find 100 % quality products. 
  20. There is free shipping from Austria post so it is free shipping in Australia. However, international shipping may subject to some charges. 
  21. Our company provides the facility of return and exchange as it is difficult in other companies.
  22. Our company provides all features of security as when customers will purchase the blenders then they will be able to find the security features like SSL. 
  23. You can find the six blades which can help for proper blending in smart blenders. 
  24. It has multifunction, when you will press the ON button then you will be able to activate the Blinder. When you will press the two times Button then it will help you in ice crushing. 
  25. There are logo lids. 
  26. You can charge the blender within 2 hours. 
  27. You can add ice into the liquid like water, milk, and yogurt. 
  28. You can cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. 
  29. It is easy to clean as you can put the water into the blenders for cleaning purposes. 
  30. It has a warranty of 12 months. 


SmartBlend portable blenders is one of the best blenders in the world as our blender has many features and advantages over other types of blenders as we have discussed in the above article. There are many people who like these types of blenders and these are available all over the world. People from different countries can order the smart blender as it can give different types of advantages and it can provide extra benefits. However, it is shipped free within Australia.

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