What Skills Are Taught In Mammography Training And Education?

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Mammography training will provide one with the comprehensive knowledge and skills that are necessary for performing screenings for breast cancer. Although courses like this vary a lot, most students require having a fundamental understanding of X-ray and ultrasound technologies.

This article is all about learning in detail about Mammography training.

Can one build a career through mammography training?

Mammography belongs to the radiography field that uses low dosage X-rays and special equipment to create images related to breast tissues used in screening for cancer.

There is a growing awareness about the different benefits related to breast cancer’s early detection and it has increased the requirement for specialists in mammography.

Radiology technologists are getting high preference and jobs related to this like mammography are expected to grow by almost nine percent between the years 2022 and 2029 (according to the United States BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is comparatively a faster growth rate than other occupations.

If one wants to become a mammography technologist, one would require a basic Associate’s degree (entry-level education), and one must know some key skills like interpersonal skills, physical stamina, math skills, technical skills, and detail-oriented skills.

What will one learn in mammography training?

Fundamental knowledge about radiography is usually assumed at the beginning of every specialized course like mammography training, which might be hosted by bachelor’s, master’s, or associate degree programs in radiology. For specialty courses or at the graduate level, a minimum amount of radiology-related experience might be required as well.

Mammography training might vary in tenure, but it generally covers the breast-specific syllabus in positioning, imaging issues, quality control, and anatomy. one will get to learn the use of low dose systems of X-ray for creating an extensive image of tissues of breasts along with patient positioning. The training will contain topics that cover the handling of different screening situations with professionalism and efficiency.

Mammography training will help students to make out the difference between different images for purposeful diagnosis. Mammography training undertakes students to grow skills through practical or hands-on clinical experience of:

  •   Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  •   Ductography
  •   Localization of needles
  •   A Stereotactic course of action
  •   Breast ultrasound test
  •   Implant imaging procedure

Is mammography training a licensed course?

Most of the states in the United States need a certification for technicians in radiology. The majority of mammography training is so created that it helps the new graduates to earn certification belonging from the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologies).

This ARRT license will need the applicants to perform a wide range of radiological proceedings in an efficient way. Candidates should complete a sixteen hours period of formal education and forty hours of supervised documented training in mammography with the help of a qualified instructor. one mind additionally also needs to perform a hundred mammograms, participate in quality control tests, evaluate at least twenty mammograms under the supervision of a radiologist, and partake in four interventional exams.


After one gets the certification of mammography training, one being a professional must maintain and look after the credential by continuing the coursework of one’s education every 2 years.


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