Which One Is Best: Rekeying Vs Changing Locks?

Whenever a key is stolen or lost, you really have to take immediate action to ensure the safety of your property. Your building security may be improved by either rekeying or replacing your locks in this circumstance, which will allow all personnel to get into the places they require for their daily duties. Rekeyable door lock systems provide a number of advantages, as you’ll see in the following paragraphs. You won’t have to replace the hardware unless it’s severely worn out or you decide to transfer vendors. In case you really need to get your lock repaired, you can look for a Banham cylinder replacement service. In order to assist you in making an informed decision, we’ll go over the recommended procedures for lock modifications and rekeying.


It is possible to rekey a lock to function with a different set of keys while yet keeping the lock itself intact. Many companies and homeowners find that rekeying their locks to function with various keys is the best answer. Locks can be rekeyed for a variety of reasons, but the most common ones revolve around security and usability problems. The locks of a home or company may need to be rekeyed if a duplicate key has been found in possession of someone the owner does not trust, even if the locks still work.

Replacing the lock

Certain conditions necessitate the replacement of locks rather than the rekeying of them, notwithstanding the perks of rekeying in most cases. Hardware replacement and switching to a new security system or provider are the two most common reasons for organizations to alter their locking system hardware. Hardware replacement is not required in any other business or retail setting.

Weakened hardware is an excellent cause to replace your locks. It’s possible that you’ll have to replace your locks rather than rekey them if the parts are too worn to be rekeyed.

Replacing vs rekeying your locks

To make an informed decision on whether to replace or rekey your locks, take into account your unique set of circumstances. Rekeying services may be all you need if you’ve misplaced a key or need to replace locks following a staff change. The lock’s configuration is altered during rekeying, rendering any previous keys useless. To strengthen the security of your house or building or modify the aesthetic of your locks, it’s preferable to spend on lock replacement rather than only changing the locks themselves.

Improving Security

The only benefit of rekeying a lock is to prevent someone from getting in if they already have a functioning key. Instead of rekeying a lock, which keeps the same hardware and security but changes only the keys that operate it, you can opt to have a greater security lock fitted when a lock is changed. Electronic deadbolts have become more popular as a replacement for mechanical ones. Electronic deadbolts that include keyholes for emergencies are preferable in the case of a dead battery. After their batteries run out, many people find themselves unable to open their smart locks.


There are many things that may be customized in a property, including the locks. A doorknob or lock is likely to be used by the average person at least once a day, even if they don’t realize it. The appropriate locks may make a difference when it comes to functionality and high standards of living. If the cylinder of your door rocks are worn out or damaged, then you can replace them with a Banham cylinder replacement

You must rekey the locks if you ever plan to use the same key for numerous locks. The locksmith can tell you if a single key will work in all the locks you want to use. Your new home’s high-quality locks should be preserved by rekeying the door locks when you move in. Having a quality lock rekeyed will cost you more money than having a premium lock replaced.

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