Why Do You Need a DOT Physical?

Your health is invaluable; it can only be fair to preserve it the best you know-how. Primary health care is vital in enhancing healthy and quality living. It gives you access to all healthcare services whenever you need them. 

Primary medical care ensures to meet your health concerns that arise in your daily life activities, such as DOT physicals in Hackensack. All Health Medical Group in New Jersey provides comprehensive care to patients of all ages. If you need a primary care provider in New Jersey or the surrounding areas, call the office today to schedule your appointment.

What are DOT physicals?

It involves a routine checkup for all commercial drivers after every two years. A DOT physical is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( FMCSA) to ensure you are eligible for running a commercial vehicle. The exercise examines your physical and neurological wellness.

Usually, commercial vehicles, including a semi-truck, tanker, or bus, require both physical and emotional energy. The engaging schedules and the extended time behind the wheel can be stressful, putting you at risk of various health issues. Regular DOT physicals are essential in enhancing your health and promoting job safety.

Who should have a DOT physical?

DOT physicals are a law requirement for drivers in the following categories.

  • Operate a vehicle with eight or more passengers
  • Operate vehicles with a gross combination weight of over ten thousand pounds
  • Transport hazardous materials with a hazmat placard display
  • Operate commercial vehicle with 15 or more passengers

After your DOT physical at All Health Medical Group, your provider issues a certificate valid for two years. It is advisable to have annual checkups if you have underlying health issues such as high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, or kidney disease.

What does a DOT physical involve?

Your DOT physical starts with your medical history evaluation. Your doctor will ask about your diet, taking any medication, exercise regime, smoking, or alcohol intake status.

Then, they carry out a physical exam to check your hearing, blood pressure, and vision. Lab tests are also necessary, like blood tests and urinalysis, to screen for illicit substances, hormonal imbalance, or high cholesterol.

Your provider signs the certificate if your results are normal, and you can submit it to your employer. In cases where your provider identifies any issues such as blood pressure or diabetes, they suggest a treatment while checking for your improvement after some time.

What do you need for your DOT physical?

When going for your DOT physical, you should have the following.

  • Medical records
  • List of any medications you take
  • Any hearing or vision aids
  • Any recent test results

It is also critical to report existing medical conditions like heart disease, sleep apnea, or hypertension.

Contact a DOT physical specialist today.

Your primary care doctor is your collaborator in enhancing a healthy and complete life. They have qualifications for performing the DOT physical to enhance your safety and wellness on the road.

All Health Medical Group offers comprehensive DOT physicals required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration law. Call their offices today to see if you qualify for the test.

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