Why Rubber Surfacing is an Ideal Choice for Pool Decks?   

Now that summer is approaching, homeowners are anticipating warm and beautiful weather. Moreover, they will prepare to open their pools in the coming time, making it a great time to undertake home upgrade solutions, including rubber pool decking. Rubber surfacing boasts multiple benefits. A fresh, contemporary pool decking option, rubber surfacing is slip-resistant and long-lasting. Moreover, a properly prepared rubber pool deck with concrete as the base can last 10 or more years. This article explains why rubber surfacing is an ideal solution for pool decks. 

  • Cost-Effective

The initial cost of Vinyl or PVC flooring might be on the lower side; however, rubber surfacing for pool decks is a long-term investment, saving homeowners a lot of money in the long run. Rubber surfacing withstands different temperatures and weather elements and, thus, requires low maintenance. It makes rubber pool decking a money-saving and stress-free option. 

  • Seamless Composition

Rubber surfacing features a seamless flooring material composition, making it an ideal pool decking solution for homes with kids, as it will prevent unexpected trips and falls. Rubber surfacing has a higher safety rating than other flooring options, like PVC or vinyl. In addition, its slip-resistant technology is the best choice for pool decks. 

Furthermore, the landing impact due to trips and falls will be less abrasive than falling on vinyl, concrete, or wood surfaces. The rubber surfacing is made of shock-absorbent material that ensures the safety of people. 

  • Heat-Resistant

It can be safely said that it gets scorchingly hot in the summer. The sun will beam down hard in June and last until the beginning of September. The heat emanated by the sun can affect the backyard, including walkways and landscaping. Unlike PVC or vinyl surfaces, rubber pool decking is heat-resistant, protecting individuals’ feet from touching a burning surface. 

  • No-Crack Surface

The main property of rubber is that it expands, which means that the rubber surface pool deck will flex with small cracks in the concrete floor beneath it. No cracks will be transferred from the sub-surface concrete to the rubber surface. It implies that homeowners can enjoy no-crack surfaces for a long without spending a fortune on maintenance time and again. 

  • Contemporary Colors

Stylish and versatile, rubber surfacing material allows an individual to pick from one solid tone to three-color combinations. Moreover, a person can install a logo, unique inlaid design, or family crest around the rubber-surfaced pool decking edge. All he needs to do is contact a professional pool decking contractor offering rubber surface customization service. One can share their requirements; these professionals will provide custom mixes for their projects. 


If a homeowner plans to install an exterior pool deck or upgrade the existing one, he should consider investing in rubber resurfacing. As discussed above, rubber surface provides multiple benefits, including lower cost, resistance against heat, lower maintenance, no-crack surface, variety of colors, shock-absorbent, and more. All these advantages make rubber resurfacing an ideal option for pool decks. Moreover, rubber surfacing can be installed quickly, especially with professional help. Therefore, hire experienced, reliable rubber surfacing contractors for efficient and timely project completion.




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