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Everyone has a tightly packed schedule nowadays, be it a businessman, an employee, or a student. Dental appointments every six months are not something that people look forward to. Sure, body check-ups once a year sound like a good idea, but people often fail to realize the importance of dental check-ups. 

If you think dental check-ups are not necessary, we have got something for you in-store. Taking care of your mouth is vital. It is the organ that helps you chew and eat your food. And once something goes wrong in your teeth or gums, the pain becomes unbearable. It hurts when you do not eat, and it hurts even more when you eat. 

Cosmetic, family and general dentistry in Midtown Manhattan can perform several dental procedures and help to keep your teeth clean, healthy, and strong. 

Reasons To Visit Your Dentist Regularly

It is medically suggested that a person should visit their dentist every six months. The reasons are as follows. 

  • Detection of plaque, cavities, and tartar. 

No matter how thoroughly you may brush your teeth, some mouth areas are challenging to reach. When plaque collects in these areas, it slowly takes the form of tartar which is extremely difficult to remove without medical help. 

Regularly going to the dentist can have your teeth cleaned up to prevent cavities. Once cavities are formed, your tooth may decay, and you may need dental implants. 

  • Detection of gum disease. 

Along with tooth decay, plaque and tartar can also damage the gum area near the damaged tooth. This can result in gum disease. In gum disease, you may experience swelling, bleeding, and soreness in the gums. Furthermore, the tissues in your gums break down, which can later result in your teeth falling out altogether. 

  • Detection of oral cancer. 

While other teeth conditions have solutions, cancer does not. Your dentist can detect various factors that contribute to oral cancer manifestation if you visit them regularly. Early detection of this cancer is often easily treatable. 

Dentists are highly trained to detect oral abnormalities that you may overlook. They often use a special light that can look for dead tissues in your mouth caused by tumors. This is called the VELscope cancer exam. 

  • Under the surface problems.

Regular dentist visits will allow you to know about the problems you cannot see with the naked eye. X-ray images of your jawbone and gums can help the doctor see what’s happening beneath the surface. 

Maintaining oral hygiene is not always enough to have healthy teeth and gums. Sometimes you have to walk the extra mile to make sure there are no underlying diseases. Contact New Dimension Dentistry to book your check-up today. 

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