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If you’re going skydiving, definitely do it with the best around! Skydive Monterey Bay has left a positive impression on all who take part during leisurely trips. It’s the best place to skydive in San Diego. You can bring along family and friends for something truly memorable that’ll be talked over for years to come. Life truly is all about memories the older you get. That’s all you’ll have and skydiving is truly unforgettable. Not to mention it’s mostly safe with a rate of 101,083 of 1 according to best health degrees. There’s no way to not feel comfortable knowing those odds are mainly in your favor.

Not everyone gets to skydive freely but the chance to experience it is there when you try it out with Monterey Bay. Especially if you have the means to do so, you should surely do it at least once in your lifetime, and it will give you a lifelong thrill experience.

The pricing isn’t something that’s too over the top compared to many other places. Compared to other places, generally, the choice is here if you want to feel happy with your wallet too. Nothing beats VIP quality, especially in San Diego.

The residential area is beautiful too, so you can enjoy a wonderful view of lush scenery and there are even photos that have been taken on the site of momentous moments captured in the best of instances. A picture speaks a thousand words and the same goes for expressions. In that case, cheerful thrilled expressions that you’ll likely have with your loved ones. Free falling lasts for an extended amount of time. That’s over 18,000 feet of wonderful scenery to bask in while observing clouds at a closer range. A total of ninety seconds is long like many fights that go down in a few seconds and feel like they’ve gone on for a long time.

The first trip is only a landing into the next one! It’s guaranteed that once you tell other friends, they’ll want to experience it with you also. A great way to mend any tense occasion that you may have with someone. For example, if your child or sibling has been feeling distant from you, you can take them on a trip like this and it’ll inevitably get you closer. Especially once they realize how much more you mean to them. This is also great as a treat for a year of positive behavior on their part. Be sure to let them know! But that isn’t the cherry on top.

Those that take part aren’t going up on just any random plane. No! They’re going on the super king air 200. It has a solid reputation for being unbeatable when ascending to the heights of 18,000 feet in a little as nine minutes of air time. Such a sky craft isn’t found anywhere else in the entire world except when you reach the best place to skydive in san Diego. The only thing is that it has availability seating for over 21 but that should be more than enough if planned correctly. While flying through the skies you’ll get a wonderful view of sights like the California pacific coasts, Bay Bridge of Oakland or the well known Golden Gate Bridge. Santa Lucia Mountain Ranges are a sight to behold from a high altitude unlike anything else. A final note to end on is it is important to get in contact with the service team to make sure it’s safe for those that may fear heights. Many other questions can be answered by all of those wonderful representatives, be sure to check in to the best place to skydive in San Diego! It’s truly worth the venture.


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