4 Chic Wall Colour Combinations for 2022

There is no time like the beginning of a new year to give your house the makeover that you have always dreamt of. While there is nothing wrong with going for a tonal look for your walls, opting for quirky colour combinations is the new trend and we are here for it. So, if you are feeling extra and want to go bold then you must ditch the monochromatic walls and go for chic colour combinations for your walls.

Using more than one colour in a room is a great way to add depth and character to your space.

We understand that choosing one colour can be taxing, let alone a colour combination for your space.  So, we have made your life easy and rounded up our favourite wall color combinations for 2022 that are stylish, bold and everything you are looking for.

  1. Sunny Yellow and White

A bright yellow is the perfect choice that translates the optimism and hope of people who are looking forward to 2022 to be the year where we finally leave behind the pandemic scars. For those who are looking for ways to open up a space or lighten up a dark space, this colour combination is a perfect choice. This room colour combination is ideal for beach houses, Mediterranean and Bohemian-inspired houses.

A pro tip would be to go neutral when it comes to the furniture and other décor elements of the room to balance out the bold walls.

  1. Sage green and Soft pastels 

People have realised the importance of having touches of green in their indoor spaces after being cooped up inside their homes during the pandemic. Green is hence a trending colour for homes in 2022. Out of all the green hues, sage green is undoubtedly the showstopper that is drawing the attention of the colour experts.

Sage green combined with soft pastels like dusty pink, mint, lilac and muted grey are a great choice for people who are aiming for a space that exudes a relaxed and calming vibe. This wall colour combination is perfect for your bedroom as it is refreshing, unique yet classic and subtle.

  1. Blue and White 

The blue and white combination is an evergreen choice that can never go wrong. While the blue exudes hope and serenity, the white acts as a perfect base colour that illuminates the space and balances the bold pop of blue. The best thing about this colour combination is that no matter what décor style you opt for, this colour combination will fit the bill.

Blue is yet another wall colour that you will be seeing a lot this year. Some chic blue hues that you can consider trying out are steel blue, royal blue, turquoise, navy blue, icy blue and midnight blue.

  1. Terracotta and Neutrals

No matter what style you are going for- boho, modern, Scandinavian or cabin theme, terracotta is a versatile colour that will add some oomph to your space. This spicy, warm and inviting colour is currently trending for all the right reasons. Some popular neutrals to pair with terracotta are white, beige, cream, light taupe and ivory.

People who don’t want to opt for a neutral combination but are not willing to take too much risk can consider this room color combination which straddles the line between neutral and offbeat.

Remember to not make the beginner’s mistake of choosing wall colour combinations that look good on paper without testing them on the walls as often colours appear different on the walls. Do your research by browsing through design magazines, Pinterest and paint swatches before you decide on the colours.

If you are still unsure about which colour combination to pick, then head to the Asian Paints website and seek advice from their experts who will help you pick the right colour combination that will best reflect your personality.

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