4 Indian flatbread options if you’re tired of making Rotis

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Have you grown tired of the monotony of your daily meals and crave something new and exciting? How about experimenting with some new kinds of flatbreads to make your homemade meals a little more interesting? Whole wheat rotis are definitely the most dependable and wholesome pairing for every kind of Indian food but that is just not where things have to end. When it comes to flatbreads, India has such a versatile and heterogeneous selection of flatbreads that allow for variety when it comes to food. 

We bring you not one but four of the most delicious Indian flatbread options that you can try instead of Rotis. All of these flatbreads can be made with a quality whole wheat flour like AASHIRVAAD Select Atta. Click to find out AASHIRVAAD Select Atta 5kg price in your city for a convenient home delivery solution. 


We are all familiar with Naans, and their different varieties such as Butter Naan, Garlic Naan and Cheesy Garlic Naan. However, a lot of people often mistakenly assume that this delicious oven-baked flatbread can only be enjoyed in restaurants and dhabas, and cannot be made at home. You can achieve a similar result for your homemade Naans with an iron skillet or Tava. You might have to invest some more time into making Naans than you do to with your regular whole wheat Rotis, but the results are obviously worth it. Some dishes are simply too good when you pair them with a fluffy, buttery Naan instead of a plain roti. This is an excellent flatbread option for an intimate family dinner where you wish to prepare something special for your loved ones. You can also create a healthier version of this flatbread by using whole wheat flour instead of Maida! 


This deep fried flatbread is one of the most popular varieties that is not only compatible with savoury dishes but also with some truly delicious sweet foods. Poori is such a versatile flatbread that it can be paired with just about any food. For an alternative to the whole wheat roti, Poori is one of the most decadent indulgences you can try. Curries, dal, sabzi, aamras, shrikhand and so many more foods are simply elevated to greatness when served with a side of piping hot and fluffy pooris. 

Malabar Paratha

The Malabar Paratha is one of the most unique and tasty flatbreads that originates from the South. Parotta is the more authentic name for this flatbread and it is typically prepared with refined white flour, or Maida. However, with only a few tweaks to the recipe you can make a healthier version of the Malabar Parotta. Pair it with your favourite savoury curries, both vegetarian and especially non-vegetarian for the ultimate Kerala style meal. If you are looking to shake things up and try something new, the beautiful soft and crispy dual texture of the ribbons of a Malabar Parotta is the right answer. 

Kathiyawadi Bhakri

Kathiyawadi Bhakri is a slightly thicker, more firm and crispy form of flatbread as compared to a regular Roti. It has the same thickness as a Paratha but varies in taste and texture. The Kathiyawadi Bhakri is a dish that hails from Gujarati cuisine. This flatbread is traditionally paired with dal, and other types of vegetarian curries since Gujarati cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. However, you can pair the Kathiyawadi Bhakri with non-vegetarian dishes too. Its crunchy texture makes for a truly unique sensorial experience and makes for a truly wonderful alternative for whole wheat Rotis. 

These are the four most exciting and must-try Indian flatbreads you can depend on when you are looking for an experience that is completely different than a Roti. 

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