4 Reasons Why Oral Appliance Therapy May Be The Solution For You

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Sleep apnea is a serious condition that should not be left untreated. Fortunately, there’s ore than one way to deal with the situation. In fact, a medical professional may be talking with you about the idea of employing oral appliance therapy right now. What advantages does this type of treatment offer? Here are a few answers to that question. 

The CPAP Machine Isn’t Working Out 

You were under the impression that the only way to treat sleep apnea was to use a CPAP machine. While the machine is effective and works well for many people, it’s not the best solution in some cases. For reasons related to the tests conducted by your medical professional, it’s believed that a simple oral device will work. 

That’s because the tests indicate that the oral device would ensure that your airways remained unobstructed, and it would be easier to breathe as you sleep. If so, this is great, since it means you don’t have to deal with another machine in the home. 

No Mask to Wear

Some patients find that a CPAP machine helps, but wearing the mask is uncomfortable. Perhaps it makes it more difficult to get to sleep, simply because the mask is so bothersome. Others report that it seems to irritate the skin after being on for several hours. 

This may be another reason why your doctor is recommending this type of treatment. Along with not having to set up a machine, there is no mask to wear. The idea may be that you will have an easier time getting used to the oral device, and will be more comfortable. 

Easy to Take Along on Trips

Using a CPAP machine means one more thing to take along whenever you go on an overnight trip. From business trips to spending weekends with relatives, the machine goes where you go. Having to lug it around may be the last thing that you want to do. 

With oral appliance therapy, you have a small device that fits easily into the mouth. That also means the device takes up hardly any room in your luggage. It does not require electricity, so it’s great if you like to go camping. In terms of feeling less encumbered, the oral device wins hands down. 

Prevent Teeth Grinding and Clenching

While many of the benefits of using an oral device focus on making it easier to breathe while sleeping, there are other advantages to consider. One of them has to do with keeping your teeth in better condition. That’s because the oral device can prevent you from grinding your teeth in your sleep, or clenching your jaw.

Both activities can lead to a lot of damage in the years to come. By choosing to wear the oral device, it’s not just about sleeping soundly. You also minimize the risk of excessive wear and tear on the teeth and jaw, something you will appreciate in the years to come. 

If your doctor is recommending the use of an oral device, give it a try. You may find that this is the ideal solution to your sleep issues, and may even help with a few other problems as well. 

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