6 Of The Best Adventure Activities That You Must Try On A Singapore Cruise

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Singapore is a modern-day metropolis in Southeast Asia whose heart is best displayed by Marina Bay, where the breathtaking vertical gardens along the Marina Bay Sands Resort make for a spectacular sight. From the best rooftop bars to hawker stalls serving delicious noodle soup, Singapore is a place where you can gawk at green skyscrapers and other wonderful places while enjoying some lip-smacking food.

How about making the quintessential experience of exploring Singapore even more enriching?Simple – book a Singapore cruise!A cruise makes the journey to Singapore even more enchanting and luxurious with a host of exciting onboard activities, sunsets and sunrise by the sea, spectacular entertainment options, and succulent cuisines that you only get to experience while on a cruise. Also, kids, teens, adults, andeven senior citizens can get their adrenaline pumping with the host of adventure activities they get toexperienceon-board a Singapore cruise.

If adventure is what you seek on your Singapore cruise, your wish is our command!When you make a booking for a Singapore cruise,you can look forward to trying out these adventure activities on board: –

  1. Skydive at an indoor sky at RipCord by iFLY

For people who have always wished to do Skydiving but are afraid of heights, youcan still fly indoors at a sky diving simulator called the RipCord by iFlyon your Singapore cruise.What happens in this experience is that you are able to fly 3 feet above the ground. Sounds boring?!You are in for a surprisebecause the rush that you get is real! Inside the wind tunnel, an instructor helps stabilize you once you start to ‘fly’ on your own. To prevent a situation where you sail up the tunnel, the operator turns down the wind speed.

You will need to book an appointment at the facility and reach the place an hour before your appointment to get the necessary training before you start. The entire experience of skydiving lasts for 2 minutes, but those 2 minutes open up a world of an exciting adventure.

  1. Rock climb for an exhilarating experience

The rush that you feel when you do rock climbing is unmatched. So, if you are looking for some adventure-packed activities on your Singapore cruise ship, head on to the rock-climbing wall and go 40 feet above the deck. From speed climbers to beginners, there are a number of courses for everyone at the wall. The rock-climbing wall serves as a great alternative at a time when you are waiting for your other reservations on the ship. At the wall, you need no reservations beforehand. Just go and climb! We promise the view from the top will be great.

  1. Ride the waves at the FlowRider Wave Simulator

If you are on a Singapore cruise trip cruise in the summer, then the outdoor FlowRider water feature is a must-try. Summer calls for some fun in the water and the FlowRider offers exactly that. To throw in some adrenaline-inducing adventure, the surf simulator offersa test for surfing enthusiasts for how they ride the waves. With rushing water equaling 30,000 gallons, the 40-foot-long simulator is perfect for people for all ages.

Offering an ideal way to spend a day, the FlowRider Wave Simulator provides the perfect respite in the summers.Your family and friends can also gather at the stadium and cheer you on from a distance. Riding the waves promises an action-packed adventure that adrenaline junkieslive by, and is an adventure activity you can try on your Singapore cruise trip.

  1. Zoom past each other on bumper cars

Why should adults have all the fun? The kids are in for an unmissable adventure as they get to zoom past each other on bumper cars. The Singapore cruise ship will be more like your amusement park by the sea. So, for the kids to draw their own little adventure, do take them to the SeaPlex Indoor Activity Space for a ride in the bumper cars. At the SeaPlex, one can also go roller skating or play a game of basketball. The activity space has energy oozing from all corners and is a thrilling place to visit while on the cruise ship.

  1. Learn to fly through the air with trapeze classes

If you’ve seen a show of the acrobats and can’t help but admire their skills, then you should know that you can learn them too on your Singapore cruise trip.You can attend the classes at the SeaPlexSpace for indulging in a thrilling adventure of your own. There is a high chance that you will love the next circus show you may attend even more,or you may become more passionate about the activity to pursue it after your trip as well.Who knows?!

  1. Enjoy panoramic viewsfrom the North Star Observation Capsule

Going up 300 feet in the air in a huge glass capsule to gawk at the amazing 360° views of the surroundings as well as of the whole ship is enough to thrill you and your fellow passengers. The fantastic, expansive views make up for the dizziness that you may feel for a while if you fear heights. Plus, if you fear going so high up, then do not worry, as the ride is slow, quiet, and extremely smooth and is going to be something that you enjoy immensely. Imagine the feeling of going high up by yourself to see the unending sea around you.

You can even book the entire capsule to spend time with your loved one, especially at the time of sunrise and sunset. When you hop on into the capsule and start to go 300 feet up, you feel the adrenaline rushing in with the eye-pleasing views all around you. So, do not forget to hop on the North Star Observation Capsule and make the most of your Singapore cruise booking.

Theseadventureactivities are present on-boardone of the best cruise ships to Singapore – the Quantum of the Seas. So, keep that in mind when you make a booking for your Singapore cruise. This Singapore cruise ship is owned by the Royal Caribbean International, which is one of the cruise lines that take you to Singapore andpromise the best time on-board.

Being one of the best cruise ships to Singapore, the Quantum of the Seas offers an extraordinary list of adventure activities to make your travel experience even more exciting.

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