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Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming more popular among many drivers due to the amount of protection and guidance that is provided while behind the wheel. There are new and improved vehicles that notifies drivers with an alarming sound and also initiates automatic braking if another driver or pedestrian is around you. This specific feature is referred to as the collision warning system. This feature prepares drivers for any risk that may put anyone in harm’s way. Studies show that vehicle safety systems are making a positive impact by decreasing incidents nationally.

Leading Causes of Crashes

Reckless driving, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are a few of the leading causes of crashes. Luckily, the safety features present in ADAS can ultimately change the driving experience and prevent accidents from occurring. As a result of ADAS, there has been a 27 percent decrease in bodily injuries and a 19 percent decrease in property damage, according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

Built-in Features for Older Cars

If a driver is interested in ADAS but is not looking to purchase a new car, there are features such as blind-spot monitoring, emergency braking, collision warning, road sign recognition, and more that can easily be added to an older car. With blind spot monitoring, cars will be able to alert drivers when another car is located near their vehicle. This feature can dramatically decrease the chances of getting involved in a car collision due to the aid of blind spot detection. Road sign recognition helps drivers accurately follow the rules of the sign by using an image processing feature. These features all have the ability to slow down the speed of a car and alarm the driver if a car or a human is detected.

Significant Decrease in Collision Rates

According to Injury Facts, there has been a 50 percent decrease for front-to-rear crashes, a 14 percent decrease in lane changing crashes, a 11 percent decrease in swidesipe crashes, and a 78 percent decrease in car backing collisions.“If every vehicle sold in the United States in 2015 was equipped with blind-spot monitoring, 50,000 crashes and 16,000 crash injuries might have been prevented,” said David Braunstein, the president of Together For Safer Roads.

Is ADAS Worth it?

Vehicle crash avoidance technologies may be expensive but is a great feature that is essentially worth it.“Spending a little more upfront on safety enhancements is like buying an insurance policy for when the inevitable happens. Minimizing your potential liability and damages is the name of the game,” said Bryant Greening, co-founder of LegalRideshare. In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Statistical data and research shows that many automobile crashes are due to human error. Today, cars are more advanced than ever and have the possibility to avert the accidents that may occur. These innovative ADAS features are valuable, effective, and a must have for safety driving. ADAS reduces the risk of crashes and is an important piece of technology that will change the future for vehicles and road safety.

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