Are you trying to sell your videos online? Here’s what you can improve!

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As the number of daily videos posted on social media platforms grows exponentially, so does the number of influencers and content creators. If you are a content creator and want to sell your videos online, you now have more options than ever! One way is to monetize the content you create on platforms such as YouTube. Another way to sell your videos online is to create a profile on a fansite. The latter is proving more profitable each day, as more and more content creators discover the benefits that fansites are offering to both influencers and fans. If you are trying to sell your videos online as a model, check out Vickie Jay‘s profile on for some inspiration! 

Fansites offer a lot of benefits for any type of content creator, from online models and fashion vloggers to chefs, personal trainers, and how-to experts. Selling your videos online requires not only quality content for your fans, but also a great marketing strategy. This can also be based on videos, but shorter and created with the purpose of engaging the audience. Most top content creators that sell videos on fansites also create trailers for social media marketing. If you want your video to attract more viewers, below you’ll find some tips and pointers on creating engaging and interesting video for social media. 

Choose the platform based on your objectives 

You can post video content on most social media platforms today, and there are also the ones especially created for video: YouTube, TikTok etc. The first step in creating a video should be deciding on where you are going to post it. Facebook has a wide user base – different ages, genders and income levels – but other platforms only reach a narrow demographic. That being said, if you want to attract and entertain young viewers, you could choose Snapchat, but YouTube is probably a safe bet for all types of viewers.

Each platform has size limits and certain aspect ratios that you need to consider. Make sure you optimize your video content for each platform you post on so your video content will not have black bars around it or stretched images. Another detail you need to consider when you want to sell your videos online is that not all social media platforms are compatible with each other. That’s why you should upload your content directly to the platform.  

Users don’t react well to long video content 

Our attention span on social media is limited, so if you want to keep viewers engaged from start to finish, you should keep your videos as short as possible. Short videos are easier to watch and they also eat up less mobile data – a thing you should always consider. When a viewer subscribes to your paid channel, of course he will want longer videos, but if you want to attract and engage, short video content is key! 

Although short videos are extremely well-received by social media users, lengthier ones can also make their mark. On Facebook, videos that are longer than 90 seconds get more views and shares. If you can create quality content to fill a couple of minutes of video, you should go for it! This will definitely attract more interest for your fansite profile (on which you want to sell your videos online). 


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