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Without question, every person’s health and wellness is a priority for all the members in a family. All family members benefit from the good feeling created within a healthy family. If that is not the case in your family, then Family First Wellness is the place to visit and solve your family’s health needs.

At Family First Wellness, Samantha Lindsay, MD, offers her clients top-notch care in increasing their wellness on almost every issue. Whether you have diabetes or have problems related to managing your high cholesterol levels, Dr. Lindsay has solutions to deal with your concerns. Coupled with a team of proficient and experienced professionals, you are guaranteed to receive the best services and have everyone in your family smiling.

Furthermore, due to her vast experience in practice, Dr. Lindsay can effectively take care of all people’s desires, regardless of age, from toddlers to the elderly in the family. Dr. Lindsay has a long history of dealing and interacting with people from her past careers and has gained immense and valuable knowledge on how to improve people’s lives generally. At her practice, helping people lead and maintain healthy lives is the topmost priority, and you cannot find a better place to aid you and your loved ones stay healthy.

There are several services offered at Dr. Lindsay’s practice. They include:

  •   Annual Exams

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires you to have regular medical checkups to ensure that all is well. That is why annual exams are paramount, and Dr. Lindsay offers them at her practice for every family member.

  •   Hypertension

Hypertension is common among many Americans, as it affects nearly a third of the population. High blood pressure can have severe consequences when not treated, as it can lead to life-threatening conditions, for instance, stroke or heart attack. It develops over time mostly due to several factors like:

  •       Obesity
  •       Smoking
  •       Aging
  •       Family history
  •       Absence of exercise
  •       Extreme consumption of alcohol

Dr. Lindsay offers protocols for treating hypertension, which usually begins with a recommendation to change your unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one. Specifically, Dr. Lindsay advises her patients to exercise more to enhance swift blood flow in your body and likewise recommends food intake with less sodium and more potassium.

  •   Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition whereby your body cannot control glucose levels due to insulin resistance or low levels of insulin in your body. It is a serious ailment, as it can lead to more severe conditions such as stroke, vision loss, and other cardiovascular diseases.

At her practice, Dr. Lindsay can help you reduce the severity of your diabetes by proposing you exercise more, eat healthier meals, and prescribe medication to help you moderate your glucose levels.

  •   Hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemia, also referred to as high cholesterol, is a condition where your blood gets filled with excess fats. It can lead to severe ailments like high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney diseases. Hyperlipidemia is treated through participating in more exercises, prescription medications, and averting from habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

Other services offered and issues treated include:

  •       Body Sculpting
  •       Hypothyroidism
  •       Double Chin Treatment
  •       Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Your health should be a priority at all times. Practicing safe and healthy habits like drinking lots of water, exercising more, and generally adopting a healthier lifestyle will go a long way in ensuring you keep yourself healthy.

If you need any of the above services for you or your loved one, call the Family First Wellness offices, or you can schedule a consultation online and enable you and your family to live a healthier and happier life.


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