Different styles of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can be found in almost all households. They are the staple ones and play an important role in improving the impact. The ceiling fans have the charm of their own and can help to improve the residential ability too. 

Whether you’re choosing a three-blade ceiling fan or a five-blade ceiling fan, you will need to consider which is the best. Moreover, where you want to install the fan is also an important factor to consider. Undoubtedly, ceiling fans can be great fixtures for your house. 

It would help if you chose to buy fans online from Fanscity at an affordable rate. There are different types of ceiling fans available in the market. Make sure to purchase one that suits your needs the best. Some of the common ones that you can buy from the market include the following

Ceiling fans with light

If you want to create a calm, and cozy environment in your room, you should consider choosing the ceiling fans with light. How great is it to have light overhead and some comfortable air circulation too? 

The advancements in technology help to install ceiling fans with built-in lights. These are available in different shapes and styles. Moreover, many of these ceiling fans also are available in the shape of a chandelier that can enhance the look of your house. 

You should consider opting for a custom-built fixture so that you can get maximum advantages. These help to amplify the style within your house. You have two options- uplight and downlight. 

Hugger fans

These are the general, traditional fans you can easily install in your house. When you have a lower ceiling, you should consider the installation of hugger fans. They are not at all risky and can help to boost air circulation without any problem.

Hugger fans have flush mounting, which is why you should consider the installation of these. These fans have wide blades and are long too. Moreover, you can also decorate the hugger fans using LED lights. Moreover, when you have a headroom, it becomes extremely decorative and suits your interior decor. 

Belt-driven lights

The belt-driven lights help to add an aesthetic and retro appeal, but they aren’t seen mostly. They are indeed hailed to be one of the greatest innovations in today’s time. Once upon a time, belt-driven lights function in a water wheel and not on electricity. 

However, belt-driven lights are extremely aesthetic to look at. These can help to add extremely beautiful appeal to your house. Nonetheless, these may not be able to manage the airflow capabilities as compared to others.


These are a combination of chandelier and fans. If you want to improve the look of your ceilings, you should consider adding these to your house. When you install it in your house, it becomes the centre of attention. It does provide the benefit of easy air circulation.

Do you want to install new fans in your house? Well, you should check out the collection at Fanscity. The fans are aesthetic, functional, durable, affordable and everything else you’re looking for. So, why hold yourself back? 

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