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For years artists have excelled, topped billboards, and had their names on the public’s lips all because of their hard work and dedication. Most artists have little to no idea of what goes on behind the scene, but they constantly keep getting record deals and hearing their content at popular events and shows.

Let’s look at the fundamentals of who a manager is and why all artists need a manager.

Who is an artist manager?

An artist manager is a professional that helps shape and build the life of an artist. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the artist succeeds against all odds.  Most times, the role of an artist manager to an artist can vary from a best friend, agent advisor, or event planner. Essentially any function that the situation calls for, the artist manager rises to the task and fills the role while ensuring that the artist’s interests are protected at all times.

Why do I need an artist manager in NYC?

Just as water is essential for our survival, an artist manager is vital to an artist’s success. Apart from the glaring reason of public liaison, there are many other reasons why you as an artist need a manager. But for starters, here are the most crucial reasons:

Business opportunities: when it comes to negotiating contracts and handling official artist business, there’s no better person for the job than a manager. Artist managers usually have a percentage fee based on the artist’s income and strive to get the best deals for their clients because they also have a stake in the game.

Brand Marketing: It’s one thing to produce good music, but what good is your music if it stays hidden in your studio with you. Managers use their contacts and business savvy attitude to talk with producers, record labels, and events hosts to ensure that the right audience hears their client’s content. They also go above and beyond to secure playing time and gigs for their artists to help them grow their fan base, brand, and name recognition.

Growth and Development: Every leader needs an assistant that helps him look good in the public’s eyes; the same thing goes for an artist. A manager works behind the scene and does all the additional tasks that help an artist look good in public while freeing up time to do what they do best – making music.

Media outreach: The media is the powerhouse and the primary consumer of an artist’s content. Connect, promoting, and giving the media what they want is key to an artist’s success. An artist manager takes care of touring schedules, music releases, and other PR work that would otherwise weigh the artist down. They are the Alfred to an artist’s batman.


With all the numerous functions outlined above, it’s only fair that you work with the best music artist management in NYC to succeed in the music industry. GUIÓN PARTNERS is a leading music agency specializing in music artist management in NYC. They have been in the music industry for over 15 years, training and working with world-class managers to ensure their clients get nothing but the best. What better way to cement your pathway to victory than to team up with a world-class manager that will work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that nothing gets in your path to success.

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