Swimming Pool Equipment and Repair for a Remarkable Pool Experience

Swimming pools provide several services to individuals that include exercise, a form of relaxation, and entertainment. It is becoming necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the pool to ensure that bacteria and fungi don’t make the collection their habitat and lead to the spread of contagious diseases. Therefore, professional cleaning and treatment services come in handy to always ensure that the pool and its surroundings get well cleaned and maintained. Professional cleaning services get done occasionally on all pool parts, equipment, and apparatus such that the pool looks and feels fresh with every swim. Water Tex Pools provide specialist pool repair and maintenance services to enable clients to experience the full potential of their swimming pools and spa. The professional technicians work on all brands and models with a repair and cleaning solution from their experience and skills. The experts fully understand the pool equipment and their repairs which they fully service to ensure that they provide Water Tex Pools required service. Some of the tools include: 

Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps facilitate water flow to circulate the chemicals evenly throughout the pools. The complete water circulation ensures that the pool gets effectively sanitized to prevent the retention of bacteria within the pool, thereby making it very safe and hygienic. In addition, the pool pump enables pool water to get turned at the recommended times per day based on the size of the pool, which helps to remove the debris from the pool with an increase in the effectiveness of the pool chemicals to fight the growth of bacteria and algae. The Water Tex Pools technicians have the skills and knowledge in all swimming pool pumps brands and models, enabling them to provide a reliable pump repair service. Some brands include Pentair, Jandy, or Hayward, with some having a single speed, two speed, or variable speeds. 

Swimming Pool Filters

Pool filters facilitate the removal of unwanted matter from the pool, thereby keeping the pool clean and healthy. Once the pump turns the water and the chemicals thoroughly mix to kill the bacteria and other contaminants within the pool, the filter ensures that the unwanted matter gets removed from the pool and thus needs to function optimally. The filter requires the expert services of Water Tex Pools filter professionals who provide excellent maintenance services. The experts have the necessary skills to handle all filters, whether the DE, Cartridge, or sand filter. When the pool can’t get repaired, the experts provide the correct replacement service to maintain pool clarity. 

Swimming Pool Plumbing

The pool plumbing facilitates water flow in and out of the pool; a fault in the plumbing may cause issues with the water in the pool. The pool plumbing connects to the pool filter equipment to ensure that no bacteria get into the pool. The efficient functioning of the plumbing system provides an adequate flow of water in and out of the Water Tex Pools. Cracked fittings and vacuum leaks, among others, are some of the plumbing problems handled by the experts. 

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