Coping With Back Pain

Back pain might result from a strain on the muscles and ligaments and in most cases, it is not a serious problem. You can continue with your normal activities when suffering from mild back pain without relying on drugs. Contact Alate Health back pain experts when the pain does not go away with home remedies as they develop a conventional treatment for your condition.  Some of the back-pain home remedies that could work for your condition include;

  • Maintaining a Good Posture

When you get back pain you will likely take frequent rests but ensure that while resting you are reducing the pain. Whenever you stand or sit make sure that you maintain a good posture which helps align the spinal cord. A good posture is one that minimizes the pressure on the joints and thus reduces wear and tear. The crown of the head should be properly raised upwards as this posture naturally lifts the spine. Moreover, it could help to roll the shoulder blades back, up, and down frequently as it helps the bones relax thus improving posture.

  • Workouts

Workouts help reduce muscle stiffness on the back and provides low impact movements for the achy joints. Workouts also help improve your cardiovascular system thus improving the overall health. It could help if you wear comfortable shoes that distribute pressure equally on different parts of the body. When walking, it could help if the movements are light without impounding the ground as this minimizes strain on the joints and muscles. It could help if you avoided pavements and hard surfaces that generate high impact motion on the joints. Moreover, you could transform your house chores into workouts that focus on core muscles.

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Obesity and too much weight could contribute to strain on the neck and lower back especially for older adults. It could help one maintain optimum weight and the doctors could help develop recommended diets and exercises that help reduce the weight.

  • Consider Over-The-Counter Painkillers

If the mild pain is making your life difficult, over-the-counter medications could help reduce the pain by blocking the pain receptors to the brain. You could take these medications round-the-clock for several days to effectively reduce the pain in the back. Although over-the-counter medications are approved by FDA they could contain allergens and it is better to check with a doctor before taking the drugs.

When to See a Doctor

Severe back pain might require a visit to your doctor and it is better to seek urgent treatment when;

  • You lose control of your bowels
  • You experience numbness around the genitals
  • Weakness on the legs which could make it difficult to stand
  • Difficulty controlling the passing of urine
  • Severe and ongoing back pain that gets worse with home remedies.

The Bottom Line

Mild back pain can be managed at home with remedies that help the muscles relax and reduce the pain. You could use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to control the pain at home. However, if you experience chronic pain it might help to see a doctor. Severe back pain could be an indication of other underlying medical conditions that need immediate medical care.

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