Managing Priorities: Maintaining Discipline and Keeping Stress at Bay

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With the new year upon us, it can be hard not to feel a little relieved. The year 2020 was undoubtedly one of the more challenging years in recent memory, with the pandemic still ongoing. As many homeowners get used to the idea of staying home and getting everything they need online, most people have more or less found their routine once again.

However, it is understandable to be a little confused about where to start — at least without the stress. While it is crucial to maintain discipline, how is it possible while simultaneously keeping stress levels low? Fortunately, there are ways to get the job done without too much effort. Here are some methods to maintain discipline and keep stress at bay.

On the topic of positive reinforcement and products that prioritize wellness

Positive reinforcement is slowly but surely building positive feelings with a particular action until you find yourself looking forward to something. When it comes to dealing with work, it can be hard to look forward to what has to be done — until you mix in various wellness products. For example, enjoying your favorite cup of coffee and disciplining yourself to only have that cup of coffee when you are doing work, it can be easier to associate the product with work, and make responsibilities easier to handle.

Products that prioritize wellness do not stop there. You can make use of One Farm’s many different CBD products, known to be geared toward calming frayed nerves. When paired with products that help with rest and sleep, it can be much easier to keep overall stress levels low.

Tips for those working at home

First and foremost, keeping the schedule as rigid as possible will help the mind get used to the idea of a routine. It is the very reason why work at the office tends to be so productive — the mind is used to focusing on those particular hours, making it easier to handle. Working at home might have the advantage when it comes to flexible schedules, but discipline is needed to make full use of the advantage. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to get used to a schedule of work at home.

It would also be wise to let members of the household know of your working hours to ensure that you are not disturbed while you are working!

Give yourself time to exercise

Last but certainly not least, a bit of discipline toward exercise is necessary if you want to stay healthy and motivated. The best part is you don’t have to exhaust yourself with any tiring workouts — especially if you’re already exhausted by the time you get home. It mostly has to do with stretching rarely used muscles and keeping the blood flowing. A simple walk can get the job done!

Maintaining discipline with work is often about sticking to the letter when it comes to the schedule. The best-practice methods above will help you handle the working hours without succumbing to stress.

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