Free VPNs in 2020 and why you should avoid them

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Millions and millions of websites emerge every day, and it’s pretty safe to say that almost a third of them are ‘scam sites’. Messages and pop-ups such as ‘you are the 1,000,000th visitor’, or ‘congratulations, you won XYZ for free’ are too obvious and are easily avoided in this day and age.

However, we’re not talking about this type of scam websites. We’re talking about websites that have invested a little more effort in disguising their agenda. Such websites typically lure you in with a ‘hook’ and let’s face it – quality content isn’t hard to come by these days. These sites also offer something that you need ‘for free’. Today we’ll talk about why you should avoid ‘Gratis VPN’ offers.

Are free VPNs really ‘free’?

In a nutshell, nothing on the market is ‘completely’ free. The illusion of ‘Free VPN’ is that you don’t have to pay the initial ‘monetary’ price – you don’t need to pay cash upfront for actually using this type of product. However, you’ll eventually pay a much steeper price.

How do scam sites benefit from giving away free VPNs?

First and foremost, these so-called ‘Free VPNs’ are generally subpar in comparison to the services provided by actual VPN providers. Most people don’t think too much about it, mainly because it’s ‘okay’ to settle for inferior quality since we’ve got it for free, right?

That’s not too big of a deal; however, what’s the real purpose and actual agenda of scam sites? Conclusively and definitely, these websites aim for one thing, and one thing alone – your personal information.

You wouldn’t believe how much cash someone can get by sharing your personal information, and even worse – how easy it is to fall into a trap of giving your info away unwillingly.

Bigger companies need as much info as they can so that they can ‘target’ you with their advertisements and content more easily. Have you ever talked about something and then just a couple of days later you get website recommendations that regard the same topic? If so, someone mined your data.

Is there such a thing as Free VPN?

You won’t get a free virtual private network connection by checking out second-hand websites, that’s for sure. However, there is a way to actually get a free VPN without risking pretty much anything.

Instead of rummaging through the dark pits of the internet for the next big deal, you should go to the official websites of registered VPN providers. Although permanent and continuous services will cost you a couple of bucks a month, you will be able to test out the product yourself before deciding whether it’s worth the money or not.

By saying ‘testing out’ we mean ‘enjoy in the trial version of the product in question’. Most, if not all reputable VPN providers offer free VPN packages for newcomers that typically last a week or so. This is more than enough for you to decide if you want to continue using it for a fee or not.


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