Is It Normal To Experience Pains During Pregnancy?

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Everyone knows that being pregnant for the first time will create a lot of doubts and worries in the new mother’s brain. Along with the hormonal changes and mood swings, they will experience so many pains that are quite normal during pregnancy.

It is very common to have hip pain during pregnancy. This pain will be during the second and third trimesters but it is okay even if it appears in the first trimester. Every pregnancy is different and it is not good to compare it with others.

Causes for the pains that women experience during pregnancy

There are many causes to explain why a woman experiences hip pain when she is pregnant. Some of those underlying causes are listed here

  • The woman will release a hormone called relaxing which might be the main reason for these pains
  • There will be a gain in the weight of the mother up to 25 to 35 pounds because of her pregnancy and this additional weight will add stress on her hips.
  • Her postures will change because of the change in center of gravity because of the baby’s growth making it a reason for hip pain during pregnancy.

Potential ways to treat this pain for would-be mothers

For treating hip pain during pregnancy there are ways and they include medical intervention or homemade remedies or some normal stretches that can aid in pain reduction.

1.    Medical involvement

If there is intense pain in the hips during pregnancy that cannot be bearable it is better to consult a doctor for proper treatment.

2.    Home Remedies

Home remedies that can relieve hip pain during pregnancy include

  • Using a supportive device like a pelvis belt that can support women’s hips during pregnancy.
  • This pain can be reduced by using a warm towel or warm compress at the hip area.
  • Placing a pillow in between her legs when she is sleeping as support can also help
  • Taking rest for as much as they can also decrease the pain from the hips as they will be relaxed.

3. Stretches or Yoga

There are many poses that can help women relieve this pain. These poses or performing yoga can make the stress go away and help her relieve some of the pain.

Tips to prevent hip pain or pelvic pain during pregnancy

Any health advisor will give correct advice in order to avoid any pain related to the hips and pelvis.

  • It is better to avoid standing for long periods of time.
  • They have to avoid lifting heavy objects as that will cause more stress on the hip area.
  • It is better to get regular exercise after taking guidance from the doctor on what exercises they can perform.
  • Sleeping with a pillow between the knees can make the mother feel more comfortable and the pain will not occur that intensely.


When the mother reaches the delivery time, the baby will lower in order to prepare for the birth making it more severe for the mother on her pelvic and hip region. Using a maternity belt can help in reducing this pain and the weight will be bearable with the help of this.

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