Morton’s Neuroma: A Serious Foot Disease

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Anyone suffering from a severe Morton’s Neuroma syndrome can take help from an experienced podiatrist. Foot pains and complications are common among today’s people. According to the latest study, 68% of people suffer from severe foot complications. To keep the feet in good condition, one should be careful about the syndromes, or symptoms. This article will be a complete guide for Morton’s neuroma which mainly affects the ball of the foot. This disease is also known as intermetatarsal neuroma which leads to toe thickness, irritation, and compression.

What are the symptoms?

  • One of the most common symptoms that many people experience is the feeling of standing on a pebble.
  • Sometimes it feels burning pain in the balls of the foot which can radiate into the toes.
  • Difficulty in walking is another common symptom of this disease. If someone notices a continuous swelling on the foot, they should advise a podiatrist immediately. The symptoms may worsen with the passing time, so it’s better to provide attention to such symptoms.

What are the causes?

There is no specific reason for this foot disease. Health experts say it may cause any injury of the nerve, excessive stretch, or injury. Here are some of the common causes of Morton’s neuroma –

  • Uncomfortable shoes: An uncomfortable shoe like high heels can put extra pressure on the balls of the feet. Choose the right fit when buying shoes, they should be comfortable while walking or running.
  • High-impact activities: When a person continuously takes part in high-impact activities like rock climbing, snow skilling, running, or playing tennis, it creates extra pressure on the toes. These can also lead to Morton’s. There can be several other reasons for the disease.

How to choose the best podiatrist

For the treatment of Morton’s Neuroma, one should visit an experienced podiatrist. Here are some facts to consider before choosing a podiatrist-

  • It’s better to ask a family member or friends for a reliable reference. Anyone who has suffered previously from the same conditions can provide a reference.
  • One should consider the podiatry experience before visiting them. The expert must have vast knowledge so that they can quickly recognize the issue and provide treatment accordingly.
  • Not everyone suffers from the same conditions and symptoms. Anyone who has a food-related complication can consult a veteran food doctor for treatment.


When the human body causes irritation or compression of the nerve, it can lead to a neuroma. The most common reason is wearing uncomfortable shoes which force the feel into the toe box. Whatever is the reason, one should be extra careful and pay attention to the symptoms at the very first stage. The recovery period may vary from person to person. A well-experienced podiatrist can provide the best treatment and advice. Ankle surgeons can also help in such situations who performing a wide range of surgeries that may be helpful in Morton’s Neuroma treatment.  Diagnosis of this foot disease is easy, and one should take immediate action as per the severity of the problem.

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