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Today when customers can pretty much do everything online, whether it is booking a table for a restaurant, reserving cinema tickets, ordering food delivery or booking a taxi quickly from anywhere and at any time, why not doctor appointment? If you are a healthcare provider then register yourself in Dorays – Find your Doctor Online app and let you patients have a hassle-free treatment process.

At hospitals, sometimes the receptionists are so busy that they will not have time to book appointments over the phone and at times they even miss incoming calls. Most of them probably work and live a busy on-the-go lifestyle. Think how convenient it would be to easily schedule an appointment if you are feeling ill in the wee hours. 

Patients find it more convenient to use their smart phones for everyday tasks. Dorays let the patients find doctors online across various specialties reducing the wait time to almost zero. 

Why doctors need Dorays 

  • Dorays saves your patient wait time, helping you develop and maintain stronger patient relationships. As a healthcare provider, you must accommodate the continuous rise of patients who prefer to use their mobile phones to schedule and organize their time. 
  • Patients nowadays prefer to check out a doctor’s review online before deciding to pay them a visit or book appointment online. 
  • Dorays let the doctors have complete management of the patients like follow-ups, patient interaction, diagnostic centre interaction, reminders and consultation hours. 
  • It lets the doctors to share reports, discover more patients and give more time to each patient and can access the medical record of the patient, scan and test reports in a single dashboard.  

Reasons why doctors should offer online booking for patients. 

  • Booking online doctor consultation is the newest trend in healthcare nowadays. With more people having access to smartphones than before, gone or the days where the patients have to line up or call the reception for an appointment. 
  • Patients don’t like to wait for a doctor appointment when they are already anxious about the illness that is looming over them. Scheduling an appointment should be easy for your patients. Imagine how convenient it would be for them when they find you online, fix an appointment to have your consultation, schedule a reappointment and can access all their medical records in a single dashboard. 
  • If you are one among a few specialists in the town, you are sharing the patient population with the other specialists. In this scenario, how can you gain a competitive advantage? Provide them with a super convenience of booking an appointment online. 
  • Patients love what is convenient for them, and if you are the only one to provide them with an easy way to schedule an appointment with you, without having to visit or call your clinic, then they will choose you. 
  • By providing a facility to book an appointment online, reschedule an appointment or notify on non-availability, access to all medical records and reports your clinic’s administrative work is reduced.  
  • An online appointment can be made round the clock. A patient will not need anything more for their convenience. 

Article by Aarif Habeeb marketing and Content partner Dorays. 

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