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The perspective with which people have now started looking at facial sculpting has led to a huge rise in the trend of getting chin fillers. Chin filters help shape the lower part of the face and highlight your natural smile. Whether it is for that perfect selfie for The ‘Gram or to just look appealing throughout everyday life, chin fillers work like a charm. These days, chin fillers are the type of plastic surgery that everyone is raving about. If you are interested in getting chin fillers but are not 100% sure about what it means, this guide will help answer your questions.

Who can get chin fillers?

Almost anyone can get chin fillers to help elongate, structure, and define the lower part of the face. Anyone looking to structure their face, and feel that the lower area needs work or is hollow, is able to get chin fillers. A notable sign of aging is that bones lose some of their mass, and thus features like the jawbone and the chin become hollow, leading the skin to lose its stretch and become saggy. This then causes the facial structure to become less defined. Because of this, a lot of people opt for chin fillers to redefine the face. A person should analyze their facial features and determine if getting this treatment is going to help with their concerns. 

What does the procedure involve and is it painful?

Getting chin fillers is a very quick and easy procedure. It involves injecting a series of dermal fillers directly in the chin area; and can be effectively carried out in a short session once the injection sites have been identified and marked. How painful you find the treatment depends on various factors, such as the point at which the filler is being injected, your pain tolerance threshold, how deep the filler is inserted, amongst others. However, most people only find it slightly uncomfortable rather than painful. For fillers that need to be injected deep near the bone structure, numbing creams or nerve-blocking injections help ease the pain to make the plastic surgery procedure comfortable. 

Is there downtime to the chin filler surgery?

Many people are worried about the downtime required for various plastic surgery procedures and are hesitant to get them due to the amount of time spent recovering or being off from work. The good news is, in most cases, chin fillers will settle relatively quickly, with only slight bruising or swelling afterward. That can be easily accommodated for and the patient can go about their daily routine with only minor adjustments to their usual habits for a few days. 

How long do chin fillers last?

There is no fixed timeline for how long chin fillers last but they can usually last for between one and five years. The longevity of the chin fillers depends on a few factors, such as the type of filler used, the depth of the filler position, and the metabolism of the patient. Because the longevity varies from case to case, the patient should ask their surgeon before getting it. 

What’s the cost of getting chip fillers?

The cost of a chin filler treatment varies between $1,000 to $5,000 and depends largely on where you get the plastic surgery procedure done from, the number of fillers needed, and the type of fillers used. 

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