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Taxes are a problem for businesses today. However, there are various business tax deductions in 2020 that companies can write off to reduce the amount of tax that the government owes and speed up the process. Here is a list of the top ten business tax write-offs that companies can use to reduce their taxes.

Meals for Business

There is a chance of up to fifty percent deduction of tax on business meals that can lower the income tax amount. However, various documents are required, like the date and venue of the meal, your business’s relationship with the person you shared your relation with, the entire cost of the meal. The best way to do this is by keeping all the meal expense bills and taking notes of the meal’s purpose.

Business Related Travel Costs

Business travels are common and can be written off at tax times if it includes airfare, dry cleaning, car rental expenses, meals, hotels, bus fares, and more. However, there are a few documents that must be shown to clear the taxes. The trip written off must be business-related. The travel must be away from the city. Work travel must include a night for rest and not a single day of work.

Use of Car Related to Business

Using a car for work-related purposes can be written off for tax deductions. Car maintenance and operating prices like petrol and servicing can be included. If you use the vehicle for personal and professional purposes, you can only write the work-related trips for diesel cut-offs or mileage.

Insurance for Business Tax 

Tax returns can add the business insurance cost for deducting the company’s total tax if the company is. A part of your house or rented, then the rental money can be written off as a tax deduction cause to lower the amount.

House office Expenses

According to the government’s new law, the freelancers and the house office small companies can submit five dollars per square foot for the area they use for their official work. The maximum limit is up to three hundred square feet. However, the work area to submit in the write-off business tax deduction for 2020 must exclusively be used for office purposes only. Moreover, you must use the work area every day for the constant flow of business. Use of the dining area to work won’t be considered under the work area.

Use of Office Supplies

Printers, paper, pens, the software required to work in a company, and computers can be written off for tax deductions. However, it must be mentioned within one year of buying it. Shipping costs and postal costs related to work can also be added to the tax deduction form. Supply purchase documents, bills, and files must be added to the file during tax deductions.

Internet and Phone Expenses

Most of the small business companies today use phones and internet connection to work every day. In case the use of both devices is for both work and personal use, then the percentage of use for work purposes needs to be written down in the tax deduction form. If half of the device is used for work, then 50% usage needs to be written off.

Bank Fees and Interests Related To Business

Many companies take up loans from banks as a fund for business projects and activities. The bank charges interest on the loan money from the company. You can write off the interest charge or any additional charges in business credit cards for a tax deduction in such cases. Annual credit card fees and monthly service fees can be written off to the government tax deduction forms.


Depreciation is writing off tax for a huge item like a car or machinery required for work-related purposes. However, this item covers the year and can be added to a single tax year. However, this is only applicable in the case of long-term investments of small companies.

Business Service Fees

Any business-related service fees like bookkeeping services, accounting, or any legal procedure can be considered in the tax deduction procedure. Software used for accounting services can be included in the deduction form. There are guidelines available online that will help the companies understand the norms required when submitting tax deductions.

Final Words

Business tax deductions for 2020 are applicable for lowering the tax rate that the government owes to the companies. There are professionals like a CPA who can help the companies make deductions possible in tax return policies. Most companies have their accountant who helps to deduct several services and add them in deduction forms. There are many changes and new rules induced once in a few years, and the above are the applicable rules for the year 2020.

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