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Hip Pain is the pain you experience on your upper thigh or the area around the buttock. Usually, it occurs due to issues with the muscles, tendons, and other tissues around the hip joint. The pain can be severe, affecting your daily life activities.

Finding comprehensive medical care is key to your healing and recovery. Dr. Muradov, MD, Integrity Orthopedics, provides extensive diagnosis to examine the cause of your pain and offer helpful treatments. Call the practice today to find out which treatment options will benefit you.

What causes pain in your hip?  

People active in sports activities are likely to encounter pain from sports injuries. Besides, if you are an older individual, you are at risk of a bone fracture which contributes to the pain around your hip.

Dr. Muradov and the team at Integrity Orthopedics offer productive solutions for your pain, including arthroscopic surgery.

The pain in your hip usually results from the following.

Hip fractures

Hip fractures commonly happen on your thigh bone, where the femur meets the hip joint. Senior people are likely to experience hip fractures due to weakened bones.


Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that provide cushions to your joints. When they swell, they cause a painful condition called bursitis.

Trochanteric bursitis is a type of hip bursitis that leads to pain in your outer hip. The pain becomes severe when you sit on the hurt side.


This condition grows over some time of degeneration of the cartilage shielding the hip joint. Without the protection, the bones are in contact with each other, causing inflammation, friction, and discomfort.


Hip tendonitis destroys the connective tissues that join the muscles with the hip bones. The condition usually arises from too much use, causing tendon inflammation and the tearaway of the tissues after some time.

Pain in your pains may also result from a spine problem or a sacroiliac joint dysfunction, known as referred back pain.

How to treat pain in your hip?

Treatment options to relieve pain in your hip at Integrity Orthopedics usually involves conservative techniques, except for cases such as dislocation or fracture that require urgent surgery.

Your treatment option may include.

  • Physical therapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Steroid injections
  • Rest and activity modification
  • Regenerative medicine injections
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Combining treatments may also work wonders in pain relief and promoting your joint function.

When would you need surgery to relieve pain in the hip?

Surgery is usually for severe injuries such as fractures. The surgery involves repairing the broken bones ends and fixing them using plates, metal pins, or screws.

Some of the common surgeries to treat pain in the hip include:

  • Free vascular fibular graft
  • Metal on metal resurfacing
  • Total or partial hip replacement
  • Core decompression
  • Bursectomy, removal of the bursa

You may require a hip replacement if you have a severe case for arthritis or when you can’t find a solution from other treatments.

It is essential to have extensive physical therapy sessions after your surgery to enhance smooth recovery and restore mobility.

Contact an orthopedic specialist today

If the pain on your hip affects your life quality, Dr. Muradov can help you regain your life back. Call Integrity Orthopedic today to schedule your consultation.

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